Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back in the saddle?

Sometimes, you just need a break.

A six month break, to be exact.

Since I last posted (back in May!) my life hasn't changed much. Yes, we've made some advancements with the house, Philanthropy opened and is a huge blessing and success in my life, and we've added a new fur baby; but really it's business as usual. Business except blogging.

I love writing, but I don't want to be a slave to it. I want to live freely and write when there's something interesting to say. Whether that be a handy recipe I've tried that I think others might appreciate, an outfit that I think might inspire others, or just plain words that get you (my readers, if you're still out there!) thinking.

This has been our life lately. A frenzy of blue prints and straight edges. Now that we're finally in the actual building stages, these house plans don't really mean much. We change our minds all the time. And that's ok. It's our dream house, so I'd say we're allowed to.

Our 2012 family photo, taken by the amazing Emily Williams. From left (in case you've forgotten) that's Daniel, Zoey our newest fur baby, John who will turn four in a couple months, smiling me and Mia our happy Great Pyrenees. We're all growing up and loving every minute of it.

I can't promise that I'll blog weekly. But what I can say is that if you like reading about dog hair, puke, building houses and following Jesus; then stick around. I might have more to say.

I leave you tonight with a picture of John watching a movie in bed. Because who doesn't love a baby butt?

Until next time, loves.