Sunday, March 10, 2013

An Update! And Future Endeavors

It's been so hard for me to get back into the swing of blogging! I love to write; There is just so much I want to talk about and catch up on that for whatever reason I feel obligated to word vomit everything into a single post. To spare everyone, I've just decided to touch on a few fun topics and I'll let you know what's in the works for the future. Sound good?

First off, I'm pregnant with Hazelwood Baby #2!

That's a 21 week belly poking out!

In the midst of our happiness about baby two, we're about to move into our new home that my husband built for us! After living in our garage/house for 2+ years, we are READY to be in a new home. Just a few more finishing touches and we will be moved in completely.

 That's me at 21 weeks, standing in front of our new cabinets. My appliances are in the basement and ready to come upstairs! And the granite should be delivered Tuesday. Remember little John? He's not so little anymore--he turned FOUR in January. 

Little John laying scrap pieces of hardwood flooring in his room. He's ready to move into his new room!

In the upcoming weeks, I'd like to touch on a few fun topics related to life! In no particular order, we'll talk:

* Pregnancy fashion; how to get away with limited amounts of maternity clothing, best brands for your buck, and styles you can wear now and later.

* My personal decision to have a home birth and my questions, struggles, triumphs and excitement

* Designing a home on a budget: my bedding picks, decor on a dime, and where I splurged and where we saved

Hopefully I will get the hang of blogging again with all the exciting things going on! Happy Monday, Friends :)