Sunday, July 31, 2011


Saturday we went to the Jackson City Homecomers celebration and today we spent the day leisurely cooking and watching movies. My kinda weekend!

John is about to ride his first Homecomers ride. The Notorious Pink Elephants.

Dad: "Ok, John. You sure you want to ride by yourself?"
Mommy was definitely scared!

He's an elephant riding pro. Duh. 

After the elephants, we headed to a safer ride, the Motorcycles.

The motorcycles were definitely his favorite. 

Going down a big slide with Dad!!

Yep, that is a really, really big slide. 

One more trip to the motorcycles before we left. 

Homecomers 2011 = A success! 
It definitely felt different being the one observing at Homecomers vs. the one participating. I can't say I miss the unstable rides and the expensive carny games though!

What weekend would be complete without a little randomness? This chair is sitting on the side of a cornfield on our way home. Ghost Guardian of the Field, perhaps?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fashion Friday: Taking a Risk

Hey Everyone! I'm excited about today's post for a couple of different reasons.

1. It's Fashion Friday, and that = FUN!

2. Today's post reveals a little something about me that most people might not know.

The reason I do Fashion Friday is because I secretly love taking risks. There. I said it. Now, you know.

And while I don't always take risks in my day to day life, (example: I never try anything new at Starbucks, I'm a Soy Latte kinda girl!) I do like taking risks when it comes to fashion because, frankly, I don't care what people think. Now I do care about PEOPLE in general, but I don't care whether or not they think I look like a crazy person or a fashion icon.

Here are two outfits that I LOVE, but some people might think they're a little strange. One thing that I absolutely love is taking a vintage piece and making it my own, and that's what I did with this dress here.

Dress from Annie Laurie's Antiques

The dress is straight out of the 80's, but I love that it looks bit more modern with the wide belt and the tall platform shoes. I also removed the shoulder pads myself, and tied the bow loosely and off to the side a bit.

I've noticed that sometimes women (especially around here in Southeast MO) can be a bit hesitant to wear vintage pieces. They may feel that it's not "stylish" or that they might get a few too many stares. You may be getting stares, but it won't be because you look bad, trust me! Wearing vintage is not only good for the environment, it's also a way that you can truly wear something unique.

If you're not comfortable with wearing vintage clothes just yet, start small and try a handbag or scarf. Accessories are great ways to re-purpose and incorporate vintage into your life.

This bag is also from Annie Laurie's Antiques. It's a vintage Dooney and Bourke over-the-shoulder bag. OTSB's are seen everywhere recently, and they're perfect for date night when you don't want to carry your huge "mommy purse" :)

This next outfit is also a re-purposed find. The dress I bought new from Target last summer, but I made it unique and tied a denim shirt over the top to make it a completely different look! If I get too hot today I can just untie the shirt and wear the dress the old way. I re-purposed by taking an old dress and changing the look to something completely unique.

You might think this look is a bit strange, but I love it. One of my co-workers said "Howdy Cowgirl" when he saw me in this, but I didn't mind :) I think this look is unique and I'm loving it!

Think about your own wardrobe. Do you have old dresses that need an update? Do you have a vintage piece that you've been hesitant to wear before? It's time to bust out of your shell and try something new!

Have a great weekend, everyone! xo

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vintage Finds and Skinny Wraps.

Last night was SO much fun! I had an impromptu "Skinny Wrap" party with just a few close friends. It was impromptu because my friend Lauren, who sells the wraps, was just going to come wrap me but I invited a couple girls over to make it more fun. Turns out since I invited people over it was considered a "party" so I got a FREE wrap! Woo hoo! We had a great time but unfortunately I didn't lose any inches around my waist from the Skinny Wrap. I hear other girls had great success with it which is awesome! Guess my tummy fat just likes to stay where it is, and not "detox" out of me via saran wrap. Ha.

I also scored some sweet new kitchen accessories from Annie Laurie's Antiques. The table cloth and the new salt and pepper shakers are adorable and if you've been to my house recently you know I desperately needed some new salt and pepper shakers! Check out the Annie Laurie's blog for inspiration on decorating with vintage pieces.

 Notice the delicious hummus and snow pea appetizer.....yummy. I'm kicking myself today for not packing this in my bag as a snack.

Hahahahhaaaa. Hilarious. My plastic wrapped belly. Flattering, huh?

I'm glad my friends and I are so comfortable and in love with each other that we can act silly and not be embarrassed to pose in our boxers and saran wrap.

When's the last time you did something silly and fun? Let your hair down, ladies. Let it down.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random little things.

Check this guy out. It's a moth, but I'm not sure what kind. Prettiest one I've ever seen though! Instead of squashing him I scooped him up inside a cup and set him free.

Look how grown up John looks in this pic with Nana. His back is so straight and he's sitting nice and tall.

My two boys have been a bit obsessed with Angry Birds lately. So much so that find myself humming the song daily. Ha.

French fries and chicken fingers with Uncle Donald make for a great Sunday afternoon lunch.

These are still my favorite sandals. I've had them for years but still love them. The big toe protector is awesome for keeping playground pee gravel away from my feet.

Ok all you plant gurus. What the heck is this thing?? It popped up right along our front porch. Christine says it's a Rhubarb plant. I say it's a giant weed.

Here's a close-up of the little white blooms it has on it. Does that help? What do you think it is?

As you can see, the stem is really think and red. Rhubarb? Weed? What do you think? Or, if you don't know what it is, do you think it would be totally weird of me to take the photo's by the conservation center and ask them what it is?

How are you spending your Tuesday?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sanity Saving Monday Tip: Is it really all about the Benjamins??

I hate money. I really do.

I don't like how it makes you take for granted what you already have.

I don't like how it competes for affection.

I don't like how it's used in poor ways.

I don't like how it makes me feel.

Money makes people feel snobby.  It can make you feel inadequate, unworthy, or sub-par. Money seems to do more harm than good, I'd say. But we need money, right?

I need money to pay bills.

I need money to feed my coffee addiction.

I need money to give gifts.

I need money to conduct business.

Wouldn't it be great if we didn't need money to do all those things? If we could just pay for goods and services with other goods or services?

I actually heard someone say recently "When I have a car I like, then I'll feel like I'm on the right track. When I have a job that pays what I want it to pay, then I'll have it made." Do you see something wrong with this? Me too.

I hate how money makes people feel like they aren't as good as everyone else, or that they haven't "made it" to where they want to be.

I've been thinking a lot about money lately. It takes money to get into the real estate business like my husband and I are currently trying to do. We have to have a down payment to buy a rental house, then we have to have a loan from the bank to make improvements on the property, then we have to find the best interest rate, and so on and so forth. Money money money. Can I just vent a little here and say that I don't like all this? I mean, does growing up really have to be about moving "up" as well? 

What if all the money we made, actually went to someone else, instead of to "move up" in our business? Who says we can't be satisfied with what we have? Why do we need more and more and more?

My Sanity Saving Tip: Don't let having money or the lack thereof make you forget what your purpose is. Share Jesus. Give to those who need. If you have more, give more. Do your part in sharing Christ's love.

Pray that you can conduct your business in a manner that is wholesome and humble. Don't get too far ahead of yourself.

Stop, smell the flowers, and think about the best way to utilize your money.

Have a good Monday, friends.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion Friday: Fluorescent Orange

Happy Friday Everyone! Tonight we're going out to celebrate my best friend Christine's birthday. It's so fun having b-days right next to each other :)

Fluorescent orange is a really interesting color. It's a little bold for my usual taste, but when I saw this top at Target I was drawn to it. I paired it with a neutral over the shoulder bag and some gold flats. The necklace I'm wearing was my mother's in high had broken a few years back and I had it re-strung by a jeweler...looks like new!

Here are a couple celebrities wearing the color too! Guess it's not just for caution cones anymore haha!

Gwenyth Paltrow looks great in this form fitting dress.

Kirsten Dunst paired her dress with neutral accessories too!

Do you dare to wear fluorescent colors? Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

a birthday filled with love.

I turned 25 today. We didn't do anything fancy....I just wanted to spend time with my loved ones. We had cake and dinner at my mom's house, yum! I thought to celebrate I'd show you some past birthday pics of me, starting with my 20th and up until now.

20th Birthday, fresh off the plane from New Zealand. My best friend Christine and I had a combined party. Her birthday is the day after mine, so this was her 21st! I was happy to be home from NZ, but I remember thinking that I missed my friends from Kiwi Land.

My 21st birthday was actually spent in Dallas with a "summer love" that some of you might remember hehe. This was the week after my 21st and I was babysitting these two sweethearts. That year I spent many weekends with these girls and their younger brother....I skipped the partying stage and went right into practicing my motherly instincts.

22 was a big year! I had a baby and got engaged to Daniel. He proposed on my 22nd birthday in the backyard of our home. I still remember how nervous he was....his shirt was soaking wet with sweat!

We celebrated my 23rd birthday at my favorite restaurant, Saffron. We've made it a tradition to go there every year since. The day after my birthday we flew to Philadelphia for vacation!

We went to Saffron on my 24th birthday as well, but had cake at my mom's beforehand. Here I am with my cake and wearing one of my favorite dresses. I still have this dress and it's still one of my favorites! I won't be swapping it anytime soon :)

Welp, I'm 25 today. That's a quarter of a century :) I spent my morning at VBS, afternoon at work, then went to dinner with my mom, sister, nana, Daniel, and John. Isn't that cake amazing!! And it matches my dress, which wasn't planned I promise!
It's been a crazy five years, but I wouldn't change anything that I've been through. I had a blessed day, and I've had a blessed life! Thank you all for loving me and helping make my life happy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Adjust your Attitude to Gratitude"

I am LOVING helping with CBC's Vacation Bible School this year. All of the songs, including "Adjust your Attitude" are so catchy and fun! I play "Chef Penelope" in the opening and closing skits....LOVE IT! Thank you to all the workers and my fellow cast mates Robyn and Mark. I know God is working in some sweet kiddos lives this week!

As Pastor James Green said....."testimonies of adults often begin with "I remember that one summer at VBS when I first heard from God..." God can and does work in the lives of children!

If you are interested in sending your child to VBS, it's not too late! They can come with me today, tomorrow and Friday! I'd be happy to take them and stay with them if you have to work.

Also, thank you to my boss for allowing me to be off work in the mornings so I can be a part of VBS. Not every job would be willing to do that. I'm reminded that I need to "Adjust my Attitude to Gratitude" and thank God for everything in my life.....including my job!

Thanks also to my good friend Julie Hughes for letting me borrow her authentic Chef outfit. The kids really love the hat! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Inspiration.

So many beautiful things around me lately. I've been so busy with....well just life in general that I had almost forgotten to stop and look at all the lovely things of summer.

I love this wallpaper that still covers the walls in this historic home, built in 1906. Wallpaper is really making a comeback in the decorating world!

 Zooey Deschanel's floral dress reminds me of the wall paper, and of easy, breezy summer style.

These hydrangeas sit outside a home we toured. I wanted to pick just one but we were about 45 minutes from home and I didn't want it to die in the car. I would plant hydrangeas all along my house if they didn't look so....well dead in the winter months. You're not supposed to trim a hydrangea back in the off months which is odd to me.

I saw this outdoor fabric on sale at Hancocks and had to have it. Winnie keeps chewing up my outdoor pillows so I'm going to re-cover them with this whimsical sky blue fabric.

I wear this headband often, made by a dear friend of mine. Everytime I wear it I feel happy. Don't you just smile looking at it?

Ok, my final summer inspiration: this song by the Temper Trap. Windows down, music blaring, John clapping in the can't get any better than this.

What are some of your favorite things of summer? Do you have any songs or colors that you look to for inspiration?

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sanity Saving Monday Tip: Scheduling Scare

You all know that dreaded feeling I'm're suddenly reminded of an appointment that (gasp!) you had forgotten to write down! I felt that way this morning when my boss told me we had an evening meeting tonight, which we NEVER have evening meetings so I can't really blame myself too much for having forgotten. Anyway I'm glad I didn't double book myself because that's something that I hate doing....cancelling  because of a scheduling error. Here's my planner for the week, and it's pretty full as you can see.

VBS every morning, work in the afternoons, dinner with family 3 nights, birthday celebrations, coffee meetings, and somehow fitting in blogging.... Phew we're busy!

Last night I kept waking up thinking that I'd oversleep and miss VBS, or that I'd forget my costume, or my lines....ahhhh! Can you say anxiety? I finally had to get up and get out my Bible. I talked to God and gave Him my schedule for the week. Everything I do, I want it to be in His hands.

Sometimes we over-book ourselves, or get caught up in our appointments and meetings and forget who's really in charge. We have so much going on that we forget what we were actually put on this Earth to do. God doesn't care how many clubs you're in, or meetings you attend. He wants ALL of you, not just the tired, worn out, end-of-the-day cranky you. He should be the main thing we make time for, because everything else is just extra.

My Sanity Saving Tip: If you have a busy week, and you feel overwhelmed with your schedule, give it to God. Things will not only go more smoothly, but chances are you'll sleep better and feel more relaxed.

What's your week look like? Hope you had a good Monday, friends! xoxo

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fashion Friday: The Button Front Skirt

Hey! Glad it's Friday? Meeee tooooo.

We're looking at some properties today and going to a Bank Opening Luncheon that will be outside, so I need to keep as cool as possible, while still looking a bit put together. I don't think I've shown you this skirt yet, but it has become one of my favorite summer pieces. Still professional enough to wear to my office, but casual enough for date night too. Here are a few celebrities wearing button front skirts. What do you think? Is this something you would wear?

Angelina Jolie, Claudia Schiffer, and Ginnifer Goodwin wearing button front shirts. My favorite out of the three is Claudia's look. Photo from People Mag.

I paired my skirt with a white ribbed tank, skinny brown belt, and turquoise sandals. Click on the photo if you want to see the skirt close up.

John was styling this morning too, and wanted to show you his little button front shirt, not skirt :)

At the last second, he got a little camera shy and decided to hide in his toy basket.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun planned?

Just a heads up, our church has VBS next week and I will be there every morning, so my posts will be up in the afternoons. Have a happy Friday!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goodbye Fake. Hello Natural.

It's been around 200 days since I highlighted my hair. Seriously. It was Christmas the last time I had any color added. In an effort to both save money and embrace my more natural side, I've decided not to dye my hair for awhile. I'm not saying forever, but heck, I've gone 200 days already so I might as well go the rest of the year, right? I know that soon I'll start getting some greys....but you know what? I'm kind of excited about it. Don't you just love those ladies with the long, silky, silver hair? I do.

 I'll also save appx $200.00 per year by not highlighting. That's a good chunk of change! I took these pictures in my office this morning so you can see for yourself if I have any re-growth. I've been out in the sun a lot so I think that helps keep my hair light.

Hey! That doesn't look so bad. And actually, my natural color is sort of a dishwater blond so it's pretty light. I think I was somewhat addicted to having my hair super blond that I forgot that my natural color is nice, too.

Don't mind me. Just sitting in my office. Thinking about hair. Oh and p.s. I think the lights are super bright in here, because my hair looks blonder than it has in months at this moment. Seriously.

Even if my hair does start to get darker on top, I can go for that whole "Ombre" type look with the fading and blending of colors.

One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Orchid Grey, has got the Ombre thing down. Isn't her hair amazing?

Ombre-ness close up. Hair Envy going on right now, for sure. Click on any of the photo's if you want to see extra close up.

Be sure to check out Orchid Grey's blog for more of her hair adventures and fashion inspiration.

In other news, this afternoon I'm touring a historical home here in Cape called the Harrison House. Click on the link to hear its sad story. I'm excited to take some photos, and actually I'm working on a "Lost Cape Girardeau" story about some of the buildings here in Cape that are in need of repair. Hopefully I'll have that up and going next week. Happy Thursday, everyone!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are you a lady? Then act like one.

Do you feel like it's too much work to have guests in your home? Do you have certain friends that you would rather not visit because you will end up working instead of enjoying being a guest? Have you ever punched someone in the face for texting during dinner? (I may or may not be guilty of that last one hehe...)

I've had so many conversations about etiquette the past few weeks I wanted to share some of my favorite resources on the subject. This in no way means that I'm an etiquette expert, because I'm a young mom and wife so I'm learning as well. These are just some bits of information that have either been passed down to me from my family, or that I've read through research. I know of some lovely ladies that are going to be very proud of this post :)

So, let's get to it. Here is my list of Top 10 Etiquette Tips and the reasons behind them. Also included are some lovely books and websites to check out. Don't take my word for it, hear what the experts have to say!

TIP #1: Don't be afraid to ask for help, in moderation.
When you're having guests in your home, it's perfectly acceptable to ask them to bring a dish to accompany your dinner. Do not expect that guest to help with any of the other dinner preparations. They are a guest and should feel relaxed (and not feel forced to help further). It is alright to ask them to help with clean-up, but nothing extensive. If they want to put their dish into the dishwasher that's fine, but don't make them stand over the sink and wash the burnt cheese off your casserole dish. This is YOUR home, YOU invited them over, so YOU take on the responsibility of the work. Actually, I find it's best to do the clean-up after all the guests are gone so they don't feel compelled to help me at all.

Of course, during instances of illness or newborns and things of that nature, it's alright to ask guests to go the extra mile. In those circumstances the reason they are there is to help, so let them.

Etiquette is not about impressing people, it is about using kindness, courtesy, and respect in every part of our daily lives.” - Melenie Broyles of Etiquette Saint Louis

TIP #2: Be sensitive to your guests' preferences.
If you are having a dinner party, and there are people in attendance who are uncomfortable with alcohol being served, DON'T SERVE IT. Having alcohol with your dinner is not nearly as important as connecting with your guests. It is also courteous to ask before hand if your guests have any allergies, or meal preferences. If they don't eat meat, that doesn't mean you can't serve it, but you should make a few extra vegetable-only dishes so they don't feel uncomfortable, or leave your home hungry.

"Have a dinner that is well planned, well prepared, and welcoming." - The Etiquette Scholar

TIP #3: Don't answer a call, or text, or surf the Internet, or LOOK at your phone at the dinner table. Period.
It's rude and inconsiderate. Need I say more? See the Huffington Post's Top 10 Cell Phone Etiquette Rules.

The only exception to this rule is if you're at our monthly SEMO Bloggers Meeting :)

TIP #4: Don't text, or email, or facebook, or tweet anything you wouldn't say to someone face to face.
If you're too afraid to talk about the subject in person, chances are it could be offensive or hurt someones feelings. If you have something you need to get off your chest, think first of the other persons needs, then your own. Look to the Bible for this one, folks:

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." Ephesians 4:29.

TIP #5: For Pete's sake, write a friggin' thank you card.
Society has definitely let this important and polite gesture fall to the waist side. I have been to one to many weddings and/or baby showers in the past few years and not received a thank you note for my well thought out gift. To me, this implies that my gift was expected, and one should NEVER expect a gift from anyone. I don't care what the occasion. I remember when my mother would sit down and make me write out notes to all my friends who came to my birthday party, simply thanking them for their attendance. Young Moms out there: Teach your kids to write notes. It says a lot for their character, and your parenting skills.

Do you think that I'm being too old fashioned here? Check out Emily's Post for when to send a thank you card. She's a lot more strict about it that me.

Speaking of gifts, I'm probably about to offend some people on this next tip. And I will say that for my baby shower, I was guilty of this etiquette "Don't" as well:
TIP #6: It's rude to put where you're registered, or that you want "Gift Cards Only" on your event invitation.
Are you feeling offended and shocked? Ok, hear me out on this one.

I'm not saying that it's wrong to register for gifts, I'm just saying that you should not put it on the invitation. If someone wants to get you something from your registry, they can call the hostess to find out where you're registered. I'd say probably 80% of the time people do not get you gifts from your registry. Elderly people see it as a hassle and also as rude. (Don't believe me? Ask my Nana) Also, for people that can't afford a gift at all, they will feel that they should not come to your shower or party because they can't afford to get you a gift, and because you've indicated where they want you to buy from they feel like they are inclined to do so. This is WRONG. You're having this shower or party to celebrate your wedding, or your new baby, and to share excitement with those you love. Expecting a gift in return for that is just not right. Of course people will bring you gifts, but saying "Gift Cards to Target Only" is like saying: "If you get me something else, I won't like it or appreciate it." What the crap?

I did put where I was registered on my baby shower invitation, against my mother's request. After some research, I don't think I was correct in doing so.

I know you're thinking that if you don't indicate where you're registered, you'll get a whole bunch of stuff you don't want. Ever heard of a return policy? Utilize it. It's far more important for your guests to feel comfortable and have fun than worry about getting you a gift.

Ok. I know that was a little harsh. Here are some resources of other people who agree with me. Some think that it's acceptable to put where you're registered on your shower invitation but not your actual wedding invitation......I'm not sure that's appropriate either but whatever. Now you know my opinion about registries but don't think that I'll hate you and not come to your shower.....just know that I probably won't use your registry :) I like to give gifts that I think are special, or that are handmade and from the heart.

  • Tried and True: Wedding Registry Etiquette
  • Life Tools for Women: This site says that it is ok to include on a baby shower invitation where you're registered, but it is not recommended. Registry should be shared by word of mouth so as not to offend anyone.
  • Listverse: Top Ten Lost Rules of Etiquette. Check out number 7.

TIP #7: Don't throw around your money, or lack thereof.
This could also be included with "no name dropping." Whether you have money or properties or a thriving business or know someone who does, don't promote what you have or what your friends have in conversation. Money talk used to be taboo back in the day, but now people just like to pat themselves on the back for a job well done instead of giving God the glory or lifting others achievements higher than their own. Also, don't you just hate it when someone says "My friend on the City Council" or "My brother in law's best friend owns 5 banks" and the like? Doesn't that just make them seem.....rude? I don't know, this one is tricky because we all like to tell a good story or talk about our recent achievements. It's honestly probably just safer not to talk business or money at all. What do you think?

TIP #8: Tweets and Facebook Status' should not tell your whole life story.
Please don't announce on Facebook that you hate life and everyone around you. Please don't tweet about the fight you had with your husband. While you're at it, please please please don't upload a picture of your tongue down someones throat. Be discreet. Be kind. Be sincere, but don't reveal everything. Share your problems or anxieties with those closest to you, not the entire universe. I'm not saying be fake, because I've definitely tweeted "having a bad day, could use prayer" before. I'm just saying that in the end people will respect you more if you are discreet with your emotions.

TIP #9: Do something for someone unexpectedly, and DON'T expect anything in return.
Have you ever been invited to someones house, and then thought "Oh, geez. Now I need to invite them over." Or, "I gave her a birthday gift, can't wait to see what she'll get for me!"? I'd say the majority of us have. I have a problem myself with accepting gifts from others and then making a mental note to repay them. True friends, who give out of love, should never expect anything in return. (except, for maybe, a handwritten thank you note!) This is about changing your entire perspective on giving. We have become a society full of selfish motives. Once you begin to change your thoughts on giving, you will see that your true reward is not on this Earth, but in Heaven. Don't expect to be rewarded for giving. Expect to be loved.

Check out this sermon from my pastor, Dan Greene, on Fixing Fractured Friendships. He talks about valuing people over possessions, and notes that other believers are to be considered and treated as family.

TIP #10: Don't just preach your opinions; live them.
Really, just be yourself. Live a life that is glorifying to God, that thinks of others as more important. My motto:

"Don't be selfish; don't live to make a good impression on others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself. Don't just think about your own affairs, but be interested in others too, and in what they are doing." -Phil 2:3-4

Etiquette is not about impressing people. It's about making others feel comfortable, secure, and valued.

Remember, I'm not perfect either. I fail everyday. Pray for God to show you the difference between what's appropriate and what's not in every situation.

Is your opinion different than mine? I want to hear from you!

Love you all, have a good Wednesday,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

coffee and other drugs.

I've been indulging in some relaxing summer activities lately that I think you should know about and/or go and experience for yourself. One request- PLEASE call me when you do. I'll go with :)

Soy latte's not only make me very happy, but they also give me a nice amount of protein to start my morning which is very important for ALL women. (According to Dr. Oz) Run. Don't walk. Run to Calix Coffeebar on Broadway. From one coffee addict to another, proceed with caution. Two delicious shots of quality beans for each 12 ounce drink. Take that, Starbucks. (Although, I'm in no way dissing Starbucks. We still have a mutual friendship and meet up about once a week.)

Orange creme filling. Dark chocolate. Powdered sugar. Is your mouth watering yet? Also from Calix. I actually ordered the Chai Oatmeal but he brought this out with it....for free. The Chef was just preparing these for fun and wanted me to try. How's that for service?!

Last Sunday we randomly decided to take the boat out on Lake Kincaid. After two jump starts we finally got the old bass tracker going. Josey enjoyed the wind in her ears and the cool water.

John loved the boat. His lifejacket....not so much. I kept saying "Safety First!" And he'd reply "No, Mom!"

We tried out Hunter Valley Winery last weekend too. Beautiful views, but watch out for bees. John got his first sting. Luckily the staff had some "bee gone" ointment which really helped. Also, they have a nice air conditioned stage area where a guitarist was performing. When we needed a break from the heat we went inside to listen; very relaxing.

Don't mind the sour-puss face. I didn't think my head would be in the pic. I just wanted to show you my newest obsession: The Linen Scarf. Perfect for my overly-air conditioned office. It's been with me everyday, even yesterday when the temps reached 103 degrees! My Nana picked the scarf up for me from Coldwater Creek, which has some of the most beautiful scarves and jewelry you will ever see.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you some fun things to lighted up your Tuesday :) Oh, and are you following me on Twitter? You should. xoxoxo