Monday, May 21, 2012

Day Off DIY: Artwork Display.

Hi friends. Hope you had a great weekend!
When the store opens, my days of rest will be Sunday and Monday. Sunday I won't be posting because I'll be spending time with family, but Monday evenings I'm going to showcase something creative that I do that day. Whether it be planting in the garden, organizing something in my house, or working on a sewing project. This week I decided to put up a nifty little display for my son's artwork.

John comes home from school with tons of beautiful paintings, and we do a lot of artwork at home too. I don't want to throw these pieces of art away, and it seems sad to stuff them in an album and forget about them. I got some inspiration from a blog I follow, The Pretty Bee, and with the help of a friend we set to work. I think the finished product turned out really nice!

I used regular twine and my friend Julie nailed in the ends for me. I bought a box of antique clothes pins from Annie Laurie's Antiques and grabbed this week's artwork. As John draws new artwork I'll put those pieces up, and store his older work in an album.

If you don't want to put something like this in your kitchen, I think this display would look really cute in a bedroom or playroom too!

Happy Monday everyone!

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