Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oops. Small Town Girl's Guide to Life is already taken!

Guess I should have done a bit more research before I started this blog. Small Town Girl's Guide to Life is already a pretty popular website/blog by a girl who actually lives right here in Missouri. Hope she doesn't get mad that I have the same blog name! I think I can still change the name, but I'm not 100% on that. If I can change the name, any thoughts as to what might be a good title?

In other news, JOHN DAVID WENT PEE PEE ON THE POTTY!! That's right folks. JD used the potty. I never thought I would be one of those parents who freaks out about every little milestone in their child's life, but I definitely am. JD has been "patting" his "pee pee parts" when he needs to go for a couple weeks now. So this weekend I just started pulling his pants down and sticking him on the throne. Most of the time he just sits there and giggles a lot, but today he actually went! Just a little trickle, but it was pee pee none the less! We jumped around and danced in the bathroom for awhile before having a celebratory bite of cookie dough ice cream. Maybe he'll be potty trained before his birthday! Wouldn't that be somethin.

This pic was taken by Laurie at Annie Laurie's Antiques. We stopped by Friday night to listen to some great music by Jefferson Fox. I also scored a sweet new world globe and a photography book. JD sat in this chair for about 30 minutes just chillaxin and eating pretzels. Love him.

One of my closest friends Erica Sinclair is getting married next month, and I'm a little stumped at what to get her for a wedding gift. I already got her some cute little panties for her bachelorette party, but I need to get her a serious gift too. Any suggestions? I like to go off the beaten path and get things that aren't on the registry, but I'm getting pretty desperate since the shower is in uhh two days so I will probably end up getting a crock pot or something. If you're reading this and are married, what was one of your favorite wedding gifts?

I went through my closet today and decided to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Within the next couple days I'll take pictures of the items and post them to my Facebook page if anyone wants anything. Mostly things from last season that I'm tired of, but there are a couple cute Banana and gap shirts that I just never wear and are fairly new.

How do you decide what to wear in the morning? My thought process in the morning usually goes like this:
How cold is it?
Do I feel like wearing heels?
What is clean?
What am I doing after work?

Lately the answers to these questions have all been the same.
Very Very Cold.

So, because of these answers, by go to outfit this winter has been variations of these pieces:

I usually throw my heavy coat into the car just in case, but more often than not I wear a sweater coat. This genius idea is perfect for hot natured gals like me. Also great for my chilly office.

I've seriously been wearing this shirt on a weekly basis. It's a great cotton blend material that washes beautifully and goes with pretty much everything in my closet. It's on sale at Gap right now for $19.99 and I'm thinking of getting the other colors.

I haven't been able to wear American Eagle jeans since having the baby because of the extremely low rise. This is a new jean by AE called "slouchy skinny" that is meant to be worn low on the hips and loose, but if you want a tighter, jeggings effect go down about two sizes and wear it about an inch under the belly button. Love Love Love this jean. It's soft, stretchy, and it can be washed and dried. Also, because you have to go down a couple sizes, I actually bought a size TWO which hasn't happened since 5th grade. I'm almost reluctant to tell anyone about these jeans because I'm afraid you'll go to the Cape AE and buy em all up before I get paid and can get over there for more. So you're welcome.
My week wouldn't be complete without a flannel of some kind. The guys at work have been calling me lumberjack.

I alternate between these mocs and my Toms because I'm not interested in wearing heels right now. I love the little buckles. Makes me feel a little bit more dressed up!

My work has a Casual Dress Code during the holidays and we go back to business casual in 2 weeks. I'll have to bust out the heels and slacks soon, and I'm not too happy about it. I'll miss my flannels,

What's your favorite "Casual Day" outfit??

See ya Monday...


  1. This is so cute.. Love it. Im so proud of my Grandson and his potty training. Keep up the good work. Love you guys so much!!

  2. Good job Buddy! Way to go pee pee!! Just wait til he goes poop Leslie! :)

    and if you're giving away clothes I will gladly take them off your hands! ;) I think the last time I went clothes shopping was oh, before Storie was born!! (last year!!!!) :0

  3. Erica none of my clothes will fit your smokin hot bod!! :) But you look through the pics and if you see something you like I will mail them to you!!