Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Life to Old Stuff....

We just bought an old house for rental income and are in the process of remodeling. One major improvement to the house was the addition of all new windows. The house was built in the 1940's and the windows we removed were original to the house.

The cords you see coming out of the side of the windows were used as pulley's to open and close. I think these windows are really neat, and I'm thinking of doing some little projects with them. I only want a couple of them, and am willing to sell the rest if anyone is interested. I'll take $5.00 per window. I've seen windows similar to these sell online for close to $30.00!

Here are some ideas I've found for re-purposing old windows. I just did a Google Search of "Antique windows as art" and these photos popped up.
This person just added some fabric to one side of the window. Very cute!

Very creative idea! Window Coffee Table!

Once the glass is removed, the panes become a display case. This is kind of what I'm thinking of doing with my windows.

If you have any other suggestions on ways to use the windows, please share!


  1. You could also use them as 4 squared frames for those larger family portraits.

  2. ooohhh ooohhh i want a few!! can you save me a some? I'll be home in about 2 weeks. :)

  3. Good idea Rachel. One question though, how do I attach the photos to the glass without the tape showing? I would like to try your idea, but I'm just not sure how to pull it off.

    And Erica, I will save you some for sure! How many would you like?

  4. I want a 3?! Wait...are they heavy?! Oh well I still want some :)