Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What to buy me for Valentine's Day or My Anniversary....

Like most women, I have a "Want" list.

Do I NEED the things on this list? No.

Will I obtain all of the items on this list? Most likely No.

Do I spend a portion of my day thinking about these items and or looking at them online? Yes. (Ashamedly so.)

Here's my current obsessions list. Feel free to mention one or all of these items to my hubby, because this month is Valentine's Day and our Anniversary (Feb 21st)

1. These Suede Booties

Aren't they adorable? I would wear them now with skinny jeans and sweaters, and in the Spring with skirts or rolled khakis. My favorite part is the rubber sole; so comfy! Tell Daniel I need a 7 1/2 :)

2. This Perfect Spring Top:

Would go with everything in my closet and is such a cute color! :) Size small please and thank you!

3. A Sewing Machine

It's a basic model, just to get me started. I would eventually like to make tote bags, clothes for JD etc. It's pretty reasonably priced for under $70.00....I don't know much about sewing machines but I hear that Brother brand is pretty good.

4. Another Swimsuit

I already have this same adorable swimsuit, but it fits so perfectly I'd like it in another color. If I had it in white I could switch up the top and bottom with the navy suit I already have. I'm a small top and a medium bottom please dear :)

5. A Gift Card to my Favorite Place :)

Annie Laurie's Antiques! I could spend an entire day just daydreaming about shopping here! Lately I've been in a rush every time I'm in, so it would be a great gift for me to have a free afternoon to shop.

Well, that's about all for my "wants" list. (this week anyway! ha!) What's on your current obsessions list? Post the items you're wanting for Valentine's Day and I'll try to nudge your significant other in the right direction for you! :)


  1. Nice! I will give my son a big HINT!! Hope you get what you want. Love ya, D

  2. Hehe I think someone might have given him a hint because I caught him reading my blog yesterday :)