Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Not perfect, but trying."

It's hard to find a blog that isn't positive. Most people are only drawn to happy, lighthearted subjects. I don't want anyone to misunderstand my personality through this blog. My job isn't fun, my marriage could use some work, and my son can sometimes be a pain. My life is not picture perfect. I struggle daily to be a joy-filled person. I like writing about happy things because it makes me happy, but sometimes I don't feel that way inside. I want to share this story with you, so maybe you'll get to know me a little better.

When we first moved into our new house, I was excited to get things set up the way I wanted. I hung pictures, I got new towels; you know, all the little things that a house needs. One thing I've always had in my home is a wall clock. I don't like alarm clocks because they're so bright at night, so I've always had a wall clock in my bedroom. My old clock finally gave out, so when we moved, I picked up a cheapo from Wal-Mart. It looked something like this:
Anyway, this clock had a VERY loud "tick." It didn't bother me, but it kept Daniel up at night. So, to make us both happy, every night I took the batteries out. This worked out ok, until one night when I fell asleep early and forgot. I woke up to Daniel taking my clock off the wall, opening the back door, and flinging my clock into the woods like a frisbee. We then both started shouting at each other about who knows what. I felt like he'd lost his temper and was being unreasonable, he felt like I'd ignored how he felt about the ticking by keeping the wall clock all together. We never really talked about it after that night, I just put up a photo in the clocks place and started using my cell phone to tell time.

Monday was our two year anniversary. Daniel came home and couldn't wait for me to open my gift. Here's what he got me:
A digital wall clock, that doesn't have an annoying back light. Most importantly, it doesn't tick.
He also gave me this note:
When it all comes down to it, neither one of us are perfect. But we are both trying to be, for each other. I definitely nag Daniel too much, and he sometimes loses his temper. The important thing is, we love each other more than ourselves. And that's what it's all about, right folks? Love.


  1. Btw, that's a really cute picture you have on the top of your blog. You must know a really talented photographer or something.

  2. I do have a really talented photographer. Thanks g. xoxoxo

  3. Too cute. At least he remembered. That was a really thoughtful present. It sounds like me and Derek when we fight about stupid stuff. You just forget that you really do love them and you say or do stuff that really is hurtful.