Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Websites I Love!!

Hi Friends. Something I really enjoy is finding a good, informative blog or website. It's sometimes hard to find one on your own, so I've put together a list that I've compiled over the course of a couple of years, and broken them down into cagegories: Faith/Family, Fashion, Food, and Fun. The Five F-Words. :) If you have a website to add, please do! I will try to update this blog entry on a regular basis, so check back often!

1. Proverbs 31 Ministries. This was shared with me by my sweet friend GiGi Meystedt. Every blog entry is written by a woman, and partains to family and relationship issues. If you sign up for the Daily Devotions the ministry will email you daily with the newest blog entry. Great stuff!
2. Bible Gateway. Thinking of a particular verse but just don't remember the reference? On this website you can search by topic, phrase, etc.
3. Focus on the Family. Very popular radio show turned website with thousands of topics and articles to choose from regarding children and family. I have used this resource many times when I'm feeling desperate for Biblical answers.
4. No Greater Joy Ministries. Some people might think that the teachings of Michael and Debi Pearl are a little charismatic and or strict. I personally love them. They tell you how it is, that's for sure. I have read Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl and it taught me tons about how to treat my hubby like the Leader God intends him to be. (If you want to borrow my copy of the book, just ask!)

1. J's Everyday Fashion Blog. This is a blog written by a regular girl, with a regular clothing budget. She's not an actress or model. She doesn't have a professional photographer and she's not getting paid to write her blog. J's Everyday Fashion posts a new outfit everyday, and why the outfit "works." It's fun to check daily and see what outfit she has pulled from her closet. She's also on Facebook! Here's one of her recent posts. I love this outfit! She tells you why the tomato pants "work." And even has an inspiration photo from another website to coordinate with her outfit. So fun!

 Photo from J's Everyday Fashion

2. Coupon Codes and Discounts from Retailmenot. Who doesn't love an online coupon or discount? Before you load up your shopping cart on an online retailer, check this little website! Just search for the store you're buying from, and up pops some discount codes to try when you're checking out. Sometimes the codes are expired or no longer working, so you might have to try a couple codes before you find one that works. I have found a working code EVERY time I have bought online. Even if it's just for free shipping and handling it's still worth it!
3. Glo by MSN. I discovered this website because MSN is my homepage. It's usually got some really cute articles on fashion and lifestyle. I love checking this website for the most recent nail trends. Disclaimer: I have a slight obsession with nail polish. It's almost at an unhealthy level.
4. OPI. Speaking of nails, I go to this website a lot because of their unique "Try On This Color" feature. It allows you to control the length of nails on a digital hand and pick a color from the OPI collection to try on. It even features different skin colors so any woman can test out a new color. Love this!
5. Lucky Magazine. My favorite magazine of course has a website. Tons of different aspects of fashion, including shots of regular girls on the street and their outfit choices. Also check out the How-To Library which has tons of videos on everything from How to Shop an Outlet Store to How to Do a Smokey Eye.

1. Martha Stewart. Enough said.
2. Delish. Love this recipe website because the majority of the recipes are from "real" people. You can sign into your own account and upload your own recipes to share with the internet world. Pretty cool huh?
3. Country Living Magazine. Great tool for decorating advice, antique appraisals, and of course, recipes!

1. Facebook. What day would be complete without Facebook? Of course, I'm just as obsessed as everyone else. I did delete a few friends a couple of days ago though. I can now say that I would stop and talk to all 542 of my friends :)
2. People Magazine. Got to get my daily dose of celebrity gossip. In my defense, People Magazine is known for being the "Most Honest" celebrity tabloid magazine. They also feature heartwarming articles on real-life dramatic experiences. But who am I kidding? I read it for the latest celeb dish.

That's about all for now. As I think of more websites I'll update. If you have something to add to the lists, please do!

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