Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY: Forever Easter Eggs.

My favorite holiday is coming up in just a few days---Easter! I love decorating in pastels, dying eggs, and most importantly; celebrating the Resurrection of Christ.

John and I dyed our eggs last night, and they turned out adorable! This was my first time making "hand blown" eggs. Here's how I did it!

I found some brown eggs that we have had in the fridge for a couple of weeks and have been meaning to throw out anyway. If the thought of wasting all those good egg yolks drives you bonkers, grab a bowl to hold under your egg to catch the yolk once you start blowing. Better make some scrambled eggs for dinner!

My eggs. See the tiny little holes on the end?
Using a pin, poke tiny holes in each end of the egg. Take your pin and kind of swirl it around inside the egg to break up the yolk. Put your lips over one end of the egg and blow! All that yolk should squirt out the other end of the egg. It might be hard to get it all out at once, so you might want to use the pin a couple more times to break up the yolk inside.

That's it! Rinse your eggs and you're done! These eggs are fragile, but will last forever if handled with care. We decided to dye our eggs, although I think they look pretty in their natural state too!

This was the first year that John was really interested in dying the eggs. He was so proud of how they turned out!

Happy Easter everyone! I'm leaving for Franklin, TN tomorrow so I'm sure you won't hear from me until Monday. Have a blessed Easter weekend with family!

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