Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Since I'm working from home most days until the store opens, I have found a bit more time in the day to take care of my "pets" aka plants. They've been getting plenty of water and little pellets of food and judging by the early blooms they are liking all the extra attention.

Good morning, baby strawberries.

Nice to see you, green tomatoes.
I'm getting a little protective of my pets too. Our neighbor's hound dog knocked over one of my pots and you would've thought my house was on fire the way I screamed. I might need to relax just a bit, and, shall we say, let nature take it's course? These baby fruits will be just fine with a little water and some love.

Contrary to the lack of outfit posts, I have been wearing clothes while I work from home. This is my typical "errand running, merchandise inspecting, lazy lunch with the husband" outfit that makes it onto my weekly rotation.

Chambray Shirt: Old Navy. Khaki's: Kohls. Flats: TJMaxx.
 My hair is braided because it's the easiest thing to do, right behind wearing a hat which is something you can almost always find me in if I'm outside.

I can't forget to show you these flats---they're to die for. Very comfortable, and add a pop of interest to an otherwise "normal" outfit.

 Happy Tuesday, friends!

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