Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To the farm.

In case no one has ever filled you in on this incredible piece of information, allow me to enlighten you:

Farm fresh milk from a glass bottle is the coldest, most satisfying milk you will ever drink in your life.

There is seriously something magical about pouring farm fresh, ice cold milk over a bowl of cinnamon Life cereal. If you've never had farm fresh milk before, come on over to my house either first thing in the morning or about 10:30 at night when Letterman's on. I'll pour you a bowl of cereal and you can see for yourself how amazing it is.

Just another great reason to wake up in the morning.

I buy my farm fresh milk from Jones Heritage Farm and Market. My weekly trips to pick up milk and eggs are one of my favorite parts of the week. John and I like to stroll around the farm and pet doggies, chase a few chickens and "Baaa" right back at the little lambs. Eventually we'll venture into the store and check out their weekly specials, then load up our basket with two gallons of milk (that's four glass bottles) and a couple dozen eggs. I plan to continue this tradition with John for as long as I can. It's just a special activity that I love sharing with him.

Love the gentle giants, Great Pyrenees.

For a trip to the farm, I always go with extra comfy. And throw on a hat, of course.

Learning how to wear a maxi dress is one of my summer goals. It seems like it would be easy, but I think this one-piece ensemble could use a little something to spice it up. Be it jewelry, a scarf, or a jean jacket.

Hat: Target. Jean Jacket: Old Navy. Maxi Dress: JCPenney

Next time I wear it I plan to try tying a button down shirt in front.

Hope your day is lovely, xoxo


  1. Mmmmm. Maybe I'll stop by your house tonight for some milk....

  2. That milk sounds amazing! And that dress is so cute- maxi dresses are some of my favorite things in the world :)

    PS- I'm hosting a giveaway of my favorite things on my blog, if you'd like to check it out and enter.