Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Lovelies: Spring is Here!

Hello all! I hope you had a great weekend. Here's a little peak into what we've been doing since Spring has officially hit Southeast Missouri!

We've been doing lots of bike riding and exercising. I could barely walk on Friday after running almost every day last week. John busted out his trike and started learning different street signs at Safety City.

My morning coffee perks me up even more with this adorable "cream cow." Moooo!

Hat: Kohls. T-Shirt: ?? Belt: Thrifted, TC Thrift Store. Skirt: JCPenney. Flats: Macy's.
My first official Spring outfit! I wore this last week to work and then again yesterday to church. The t-shirt makes the skirt a bit more casual, and I love this hat! Such a fun addition! This "mullet hemmed" skirt was fun when the breeze picked up, I felt like Marilyn Monroe!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day at home watching movies and eating one of my favorite meals, Corned Beef and Cabbage. I dyed the cabbage, scalloped potatoes and my Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer green! I think I'll keep this tradition going year after year. John loved eating the green potatoes, he kept putting them on his spoon and laughing.

Finally, my sweet Aunt Nancy shared this photo of my Mamaw Shain with me last week and I made it my facebook cover photo. That's my mom in the upper right hand corner, my silly cousin Andrew making raccoon eyes in the back, half of my sister Lauren's face on the left, and my Mamaw Shain and me sitting up front. I miss my Mamaw all the time. She was a beautiful, amazing woman and a total style icon. Seeing this picture has made me think about her a lot this week. Love you Mamaw!

Hope your Monday is lovely, friends! xoxo

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