Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Lovelies!

Good morning! I had a great weekend of crafting and hanging around the house with my little man. Unfortunately I left my camera at work (typical!) so I'll have to get some pictures tonight of my DIY's. Meanwhile, allow me to distract you with some lovely things from around the web.

I am loving the printed jean trend. I can't decide which pair I like better!

This lovely pair from River Island
 Or this pair with the black backdrop......

From ASOS.

I am also really loving Sculpey right now. Basically it's just clay that you form into any kind of shape or figure you want (I've been making tons of beads for necklaces) then you bake the clay in the oven so it stays in that form permanently.

It comes in about a gazillion colors, and you can always mix colors together to get the perfect shade. I mixed a grass green with white to get a minty green color!

I'm officially ready to get back into reading. I used to read all the time and the past few years I've just been reading strictly for school and not for pleasure. Here's my newest book that I scanned a few years back, but now I'm reading it cover to cover and it's phenomenal:

I wish my husband would read it with me but he's more of a movie guy. If they made this book into a movie I bet he'd be all over it though.

Love coffee? Behold, my new favorite morning (and afternoon!) obsession: The Blonde Roast.

It's just the perfect blend. Seriously. I drink my coffee with milk or half and half only. No sugar. But the Blonde is smooth enough that I can drink it straight black. Awesome!

Lastly, I'm very excited and ready for my new adventure to begin! I am still currently at Major Brands, I gave them much more than the standard two week notice so I could properly train my replacement. Meanwhile I've been planning the store's Grand Opening Celebration through Pinterest and other blogs. Check out my Grand Opening Board to see everything that's running through my head.

Hope your Monday is Lovely, xoxo.

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