Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekend To Do's...

Happy Friday! I have big weekend plans that involve my couch, craft supplies, my sewing machine, and episodes of The Wonder Years on Netflix. Here's a little sneak peak into what I'll be doing....

I've looked high and low for the perfect necklace to wear with a simple black dress. Unfortunately, I have had no luck! Miraculously Jen loves Kev posted this amazing necklace tutorial and looks easy enough. I hope I can pull it off!

I've also had my eye on kimono jackets. They're basically little floral, open cardigans. After I saw this pin I knew I could so totally make this jacket myself---this will probably be the toughest craft of the weekend so wish me luck!

Ok one more DIY plan....check out this Anthropologie lamp shade----for $88 buckeroos! Yikes! Don't you think I can do this myself??? I'm gonna try.

What are your weekend plans? I'll be crafting all afternoon Saturday and probably Sunday after church too so join me if you'd like!


  1. Wow good luck with the DIY's. I have an open silky cardigan like that witha feather print that I got at Francesca's. I'll send it your way in my package. Can't wait to see how your crafts turn out.

    I pinky promise I will be packing up a package to send your way this weekend. I have a pile started. I get lots of compliments on the boots. :)

  2. Yay! Can't wait! Have a great weekend sweets :)