Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Lovelies: Breaktime.

Happy Monday! This post is brought to you by my personal laptop, in the middle of the day, while my son is napping in his own bed. I'm officially finished working at Major Brands and I'm at home right this very second! I will begin my new adventure in April, so right now I'm just enjoying extra time with John and working on some projects at home. Here are some fun things that we've been up to :)

We spend a lot of time outside in front of the house. We like to sit in these comfy adirondack chairs and have our afternoon snack.

I am in love with this new candle from Bath and Body Works, "Spring." I like to light it in the morning when I'm having my coffee. It makes the entire house smell like a flower shop! I'm also ready for the Easter Bunny with my glass egg candy dish filled with my favorite treat, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Eggs :)

One of the perks of having a little time off means I can keep my home perfectly clean (well, for a little while anyway!). In case you didn't know, our family of 3 currently resides inside a 3 car garage/house that we built on four acres in Cape Girardeau County. So we're all basically in one room, together all the time! We have a small bathroom and bedroom in the back there (middle of photo) where John sleeps, but as you can see our bed, couch, kitchen and dining room are all in one big space! We are in the process of building our dream house right next to this garage that we currently live in. We hope to be in our new house by Christmas!

Speaking of our dream house, here's what we have built so far--the basement! This big slab of concrete sits to the left of our garage-house. It's nice to live right on the construction site so we can monitor the progress! 
We spent a lot of time at the park over the weekend--and these are my "shoe of choice" for chasing around little man.

I think someone might be waking up---talk to you all later!!

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  1. Love the sparkle sperrys. Enjoy your days off.
    Did you receive my package?