Thursday, September 22, 2011

Art Student Wannabe

Am I the only one who swoons over the life of an art student? They have an excuse as to why their head is constantly in the clouds and can wear black from head to toe and not be expected to attend a wake. I like to pretend that I'm an art student sometimes and wear glasses and all black and sip espresso from tiny cups.

What? You don't?

On a side note, who else is excited about fall weather? Time to bust out the tights. This dress is a perfect compliment to tights/leggings because it's a bit on the shorter side. I'm going to try to be more daring this fall and wear colored tights--I'm thinking this dress would pair nicely with cranberry, don't you?

Silk Dress: Coldwater Creek (on the sale rack, present from my Nana)
Black Tights: Target clearance
Cognac Boots: 80%20% via (Christmas present)
Watch: Timex via Macy's (birthday present)

Have a great Thursday, everyone! Keep your head in the clouds, whether you're an art student or not.

1 comment:

  1. Um... I TOTALLY do that. But I did have a concentration in theatre in college... does that count as being an art student? lol