Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ugly is the New Sexy.

My new glasses are so great I can't stop wearing them...probably much to my dear husbands dismay. You see, I am a firm believer in Man Repeller fashion. Stop right there. Never heard of it? Allow me to enlighten you.

Man Repeller is an entire fashion movement devoted to the styles that women covet and men can't stand. We're talking swing jackets, harem pants, plaid on plaid, and yes, dorky glasses. Think about it: if it were up to men, wouldn't we be wearing our sexiest, most figure flattering outfits all the time? Wouldn't we be dressing to impress THEM instead of wearing what we really like? Or wearing trends that we're dying to try out? Now, I'm a new passenger on this gravy train so I'm easing into it with the new specs. I may or may not be seen wearing any one of the following this Fall though, so watch out gentlemen. You might want to walk a few steps ahead of me for fear of being associated with the woman in the black tights and cut-off shorts.

1. Animal Prints.
Rawr. How cute is this big cat scarf? Kinda hoakie. But cute.

photo from Lucky Mag.

2. Maxi Skirts.
Think Grandma vs. Pentecostal Movement. No, I'm kidding. Think totally comfy and chic vs. fashion forward and church appropriate.

Photo from The Good Life for Less

3. Man Shoes.
These shoes break all the rules. No, they aren't feminine. No, they don't lengthen my legs. But do I like them? Yes. Will I wear them to work with trousers and on the weekend with skinny jeans? Yes and hell yes.
From Old Navy only $25!

4. Shorts and Tights.
This might be the scariest one for me, but I'm excited to give it a go. I'll probably debut the look for a girls night out first vs. date night just to be safe.

Photo from Lucky Mag
 and, last but not least:
5. The Geeky Glasses.
One part sexy librarian, one part debate team captain. Doesn't that just about define who I am?

DISCLAIMER: It is sometimes in your best interest to dress "for da man" if you get my drift ladies :)

Got any man-repeller trends you've been dying to try?

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