Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mayhem and Birthday Love.

I need to catch my breath.

I've been busy this week, and here's why.

1. I recently started doing some freelance work for the Southeast Missourian. It's fun, it's new, it's exciting....and it's work. Work that has a by-line. I won't be posting every article I write to the blog, because I want to keep things separated. I encourage you to get a subscription to the paper if you don't have one already. It's important that we keep news in print.

2. Hubs had a birthday.
I love birthdays. I love watching someone open gifts. I love making them feel loved and special on their special day. He had a great day, and I'm glad he was born :)

A "Happy Birthday" banner so he can feel special when he wakes up to get his coffee.

A special coconut cream pie.

Special birthday gifts. Golf lessons and driving loafers.

Hazelwood Men showing love early in the morning.
 Happy birthday hubs. Love you!

3. We've been partying like it's 1999 around our house. So much partying that my little guy fell asleep during a demolition derby. Who sleeps while cars are crashing into each other and 3,000 people are cheering around you? This guy.

Now that I look at this list, I guess I havent' been all that busy. And actually everything I've been doing is by my own free will. So shame on me for feeling overwhelmed. I will go ahead though and take tonight to relax, make dinner and catch up on some reading.

How have you been feeling this week? Any stress? Any love?

Be loved and stress free friends, have a good thursday. xoxo.

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