Friday, September 23, 2011

For the love of retail....

I used to turn my nose at the thought of my local JC Penney store. Snobby, I know.

"Ugh, it's all the way on the other end of the mall!"

"Ugh, all the clothes are so drab!"

Then, when I stopped whining and actually paid attention to the quality and prices of the clothes, I had a change of heart. Not only is JCP an American founded company, but they opened their first store over 100 years ago and Cape Girardeau actually had a JCP store downtown on Main Street. The building is listed in the National Register for Historic Places.

The JC Penney we all know today is located inside West Park Mall. Some of my favorite brands include ANA, MNG by MANGO, St. John's Bay, and Worthington. I recently scored this pair of ANA jeans on the clearance rack for $4. The top is also ANA and it was $18.

I'm loving chunky knit sweaters for fall. Not just for grandma, a chunky sweater looks modern with cropped trousers and flats. I love these by St. John's Bay because they are perfect worn alone, no layering necessary (I'm not a layering fan, by the way! Too much trouble!) I'd like one in a size small for a more fitted look, and in a medium to be more relaxed and wear with skinny jeans. Look at all the colors they have to choose from! Right now, all the V-Neck Cable Sweaters are $20.00.

All of the brands I've mentioned are marketed for young adult to middle aged women. JCP is making an effort to appeal to style-conscious women by their new partnership with People Style Watch magazine. The editors handpick styles straight from fashion runways and season appropriate trends that JCP has to offer.  I love all the tie-front blouses out for fall, but I'll check my favorite vintage stores first before I buy new from JCP. This top looks straight out of the 70's, wouldn't you agree?

What do you think of JC Penney? Do you think their clothes are affordable and trendy, or would you prefer to shop somewhere else?


  1. I LOVE JC Penny!!!!!!!! 1/2 of my clothes are from there! I've been having a hard time finding stuff lately though... maybe I should go shopping with you! lol

  2. I didn't know JC Penny was stepping it up! I'm in Canada so I don't get there too often, but I agree, I always thought it was more of a wal-mart type retail store with awful looking clothes - but that top is cute!

  3. Thanks Vanilla Blonde! I just checked out your blog---so cute! Glad to meet ya!