Monday, October 31, 2011

A DIY Halloween.

There's just something about dressing in a costume that makes me feel unique and more like myself all at the same time. Costumes may be a way for you to become a person you're not in real life, but I actually feel more relaxed and at ease when I'm in a costume...weird huh? It's like I'm able to become more like my true self.

Ok, enough with the crazy talk! Daniel and I attended a Halloween Bash last Thursday night, and dressed in 1940's/1970's wear (we were seriously a perfect blend!) since the theme was "Blast from the Past." We put our costumes together using some things we already had at home and also some vintage pieces from Annie Laurie's. Here's what we wore!

My favorite part about this dress is the color...very sophisticated yet bright and fun at the same time! The shoes are just some wedges I've had for awhile from Target, with my own vintage-looking Timex watch.

My headpiece was made out of some type of real animal fur--I loved it! It had little satin bows on the side that complimented Daniel's we were kind of matching :)

Check this guy out! A 100% polyester leisure suit in burnt orange complete with matching tacky tie. His shoes are driving loafers he got for his birthday and he wore a dress shirt he already had in his closet. The buttons on the suit were the same color as my dress!

All ready!
 And don't think that I forgot about our little Angry Bird...

I snapped this on the run this morning before he left for Nana's. I'll definitely get better pics tonight and share later. His hat is handmade by my friend Laura from Leighanna Paige Boutique, and I sewed the cape myself!

A back shot of the cape. I just sewed two pieces of felt together and made a "feather" like effect on the bottom. I'm so proud of his costume this year because it's all handmade with love :)

Are you dressing up this year for Halloween? What are your kiddos wearing? Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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