Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vacation is all I ever wanted....

Announcement time....we're going on Vacation! That's right friends, Daniel got a job helping to build a vacation house for a family from our Seattle! Daniel is DRIVING (yes, he's quite aware that it's a 30 hour trip) from here clear across the country to work on this house for a week. When the week is up I'm flying to Seattle to meet him. We'll spend a few days together there and then make the long drive home, stopping in different cities along the way. We plan to do a bit of camping, mixed in with sightseeing and DEFINITELY relaxation. I can't wait! I was planning to take outfit photos today but the rain changed those plans, so I wanted to share a few recent finds that will help me get through the trip. We won't be doing much shopping on this trip, just spending the majority of our funds on hotel rooms and food.

These high waisted skinny jeans will be worn pretty much the entire trip I'm sure!

J. Crew $68.60.

Also this silk blouse will be perfect for day and night adventures...

J. Crew $34.50
And FINALLY an affordable pair of genuine leather boots. They're wide enough for my runners calves and in the most perfect cognac color.

Target $60.00
These pink pants will look adorable with a sexy sequin top..

Old Navy $20.
Like this one....

Old Navy $34.50

I'll go into more details about the trip as soon as I can! Have a good night, friends!

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  1. I hope you all have a great time! If you need someone to guest blog for you I would be more than happy to help :)Call me soon lovely!