Thursday, February 2, 2012

What to Wear: Super Bowl 2012.

I plan to spend my Super Bowl Sunday either A. Shopping, B. Sleeping, or C. All of the Above. My husband would like me to make an appearance at a Super Bowl party he's going to, so here's what I might wear. If you're excited about the big game on Sunday, then please share what you'll be wearing! The good thing about the game is that both the teams are pretty much the same color. So stick to all American Red, White and Blue and you'll be good to go!

Option A: Cute, But Not Trying To Be:

Super Bowl 2012

The woman wearing Option A is at a party but probably would rather be doing her nails. She's wearing a knit hat to hide her Saturday night hair, and she packed some reading material in her oversized bag in case she gets bored. Which is inevitable.

Option B: All Out Hardcore Fan:

Super Bowl 2012 Hardcore Fan

The hardcore fan's got the best dip "Found it on Pinterest, duh!" and she's got one thing on her mind: Winning. If her team loses you can bet her husband isn't getting any cuddle time tonight. And if her team wins; hold onto your drink because you're getting body slammed.


In my opinion, both ladies are stylin! Personally, I don't have any team t-shirts so I'm probably leaning towards look number one for myself. What are you wearing Super Bowl Sunday??

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