Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Case of the Monday's.

Monday morning was doozie.

The term "doozie" can mean something that is extraordinary, difficult, troublesome or problematic. In my case, I would say my Monday morning was more along the lines of problematic.

I first woke up and realized I had an eye doctor appointment that morning. To make an 8:30 appointment that means I need to leave my house around 7:45 in order to drop John off and make it on time. Everything was going smoothly and we were in the car on the way when I suddenly spilled extremely hot coffee down the front of my blouse. And when I say extremely hot, I mean I poured an entire cup of freshly microwaved coffee down my thin, lace shirt. I started screaming in pain and thus John started crying. I pulled over and took my shirt off as fast as I could but it was too late. The hot coffee had already started burning my "negligee."

We were just down the street so I turned around and headed back to the house to change clothes and asses the damage. John had calmed down by now and was reading a book. My good little man! We pulled into the driveway and I left John buckled in his carseat and I headed in to change. Note: we live in the country on a gravel road. I don't recommend ANYONE leaving their toddler in the car unattended in the city! Plus, I pulled up right into the garage and was only going to be inside for about 60 seconds.

I changed shirts and headed back outside. My skin was a bit red but nothing serious thank goodness! I went over to John's side of the car and opened his door to check on him and give him some love. That's when I noticed that John's carseat wasn't strapped into the backseat! John was strapped into the actual carseat, but the seat itself was not attached to the vehicle! My in-laws had used John's carseat Sunday afternoon when he went over to their house to play. I had completely forgotten to re-attach the seat after they left!

I really believe God was trying to "wake me up" with the coffee. It would have been horrible to drive any further than we did without John properly strapped to his carseat. Thank you Lord for your protecting hand!

I definitely need to be reminded to slow down every once in awhile. Obviously I didn't make my eye doctor appointment that morning, but that's alright. John and I went to Starbucks and relaxed for a few minutes before I went into work. That little guy is my whole world and God knew I needed to get that carseat buckled in order for him to be as safe as possible.

Here's my "throw on and go" outfit I wore on Monday. I always throw on a blazer in a pinch; it makes everything seem much more put together.

This will probably be the last chance for me to wear this velvet blazer before Spring sets in. See you next fall, blazer!

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  1. Spring has certainbly set it today. I have on tights with my dress and they were probably unnecessary.
    Sounds like a rocky Monday morning that got better with a trip to Starbucks to calm down and enjoy the little moments of life.