Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bangs? Eh. I dunno.

I was playing around with this hair makeover tool from Instyle Magazine and here are some ideas for bangs I'm thinking about doing. Erica, my lovely and talented hairstylist will have to look these over and approve first, of course. Ok everyone, vote for your favorite look!

This is just regular old me, with a little bit of extra fanciness.

Look 1. Short Blunt Bangs

Look 2. Short Side Swept Bangs

Look 3.  Long Side-Swept Bangs, minus the red.

Look 4. Long and blunt.
 And I'm kinda digging the brown, I'm not gonna lie. 

Which one is your favorite? Or do you not have a favorite and love me exactly the way I am? ;)


  1. I think you should keep them long. I always cut bangs then like them for a while and get tired of always having to do them. I always wind up pinning them back for a few months until the are long enough to tuck behind my ears and them grow them out long again.
    If you do get them cut I like the short side swept bangs.

  2. I love your hair the way it is, I've always been jealous of your hair (and my sisters!) but whatever you do, it will look beautiful!

  3. Jealous of MY hair Erica?? You're hair always looks perfect. Everyone seems to like the short, side swept bangs, but I kinda dig the long, side swept. I just am not happy with my hair right now, it's been the same for too long!

  4. I kinda think the short-blunt bangs are really cute. However....I just got my hair cut with those kind of bangs and I am having probs with them wanting to stick straight out right now. Ugh. I think the top three hair-styles are cute on you. Not so much a fan of the long and blunt though.