Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Garden Lady

Ok all you Cape Girardeaun's, I have a question for you. On N. Kingshighway, in between an old hotel and Enterprise Rent-A-Car,there's a tiny green little house. It's almost right across the street from that nursing home with the giant American flag. Have you ever noticed it? It's a little lonely house in the midst of a busy highway and several businesses.

Anyway, the garden in the front of this house is amazing. It's probably one of the most elaborate looking gardens I've ever seen. Every plant has a tag on it with what I'm assuming is it's name. There's usually a woman outside on her hands and knees pulling weeds or planting something. She drives a little brown pick-up with a bed cover, and every time I've seen her she has some kind of beautiful scarf on her head covering her from the sun. Hopefully I'm not bordering on stalker status here when I say that I literally slow down every time I drive by. This woman, and her house and just that she's such a hard worker is mesmerizing to me. It's almost like I want to become have a little plain house with a beautiful garden. I bet she drinks tea at night and has an extensive library. I bet she knows all the Greek names for her flowers. I bet she loves birds. Anyway, I really like this woman. And since we're working on our house plans for next year and our garden, I thought it might be a good excuse to sort of pop over and introduce myself to her. I can tell her that I drive by daily and have noticed her garden and was wondering what kind of plants she had. You know, since I want to have my own garden and I want to be just like her.

Ok. Maybe I am a stalker.

But I'm going over there to meet her soon. Hopefully she can tell me why my lavender plants keep dying. Maybe she could also tell me where I can find some beautiful scarves and how to become as interesting as she is.

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