Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Designs to Copy

Since I'm currently trying to practice better financial responsibility, I've started researching making my own clothes. Anthropologie has long been one of my favorite stores, but the prices are a bit out of range for me, even during a sale. I've gathered some pieces from Anthro that I love, and that look relatively easy to sew myself. Basic items needed to copy these looks would be old t-shirts, some vintage fabrics, and maybe a sewing teacher. I'm trying to learn on my own and it's definitely been a slow process. If you know anyone who would be willing to help me out, please send them my way!

Here are the looks, with my ideas for how to re-create listed underneath. What do you think? Looks easy enough......right?

This tunic is the main reason I originally had the idea to re-create looks from Anthropologie. I'm thinking I could just use an old t-shirt, and maybe some patterned silk fabric for the bottom. A raw hem would even work for this. This top retails for $88.00 at Anthro.

One of my favs. Looks like I could almost use an old linen tablecloth for this one. The key for tops that are flowy like this is to make them a little shorter in front and layer a long tank underneath. That way you don't look preggo. Anthro- $128.00

By far the most elegant maxi dress I've seen, this would be easily re-created with a silk bottom and an old cowl neck tee on top. Imagine this with a wide brown belt at the waist! Anthropologie- $158.00

My favorite color-golden yellow. Ribbed Tank + Vintage Skirt + Silk Scarf Tied as a Belt = Perfection. The belt would hide any sewing errors I might make. Golden Dress retails for $138.00 at Anthro.

So adorable, but might be the most difficult to re-create. I have an old Halter Tank Top that I could easily cut the bib front off of. Then, I'd use a lightweight fabric such as silk or a thin cotton for the bottom half of the dress. I'd make this dress pretty short, and wear with capri leggings or alone as a swim cover up. Anthropologie- $158.00

Have you ever attempted to make an item of clothing? Please share!


  1. Making from scratch based off real patterns is so much easier and will make you much less frustrated than piecing together clothing items that weren't made to go together. The math in that would be killer. Try finding some patterns you like (and that are on sale) and getting some fabric from resale shops and practice your sewing skills like that. After that, maybe venture into piecing stuff together?

  2. Thanks for the tip Sandra! I've looked at patterns before, and they just seem so complicated to me. I'm willing to try them again though! My goal in making clothing is not only to save some money, but to also have something unique and original that no one else has!