Friday, March 25, 2011

How do you think Americans would respond to disaster?

I'm sure all of you have seen some of the devastating photos coming out of Japan's deadly earthquake and tsunami. Even though it is now estimated at 26,000 casualties, the spirit of the Japanese has not wavered. Neighbors are helping neighbors, people are being patient and loving, and no one is complaining. What do you think it would be like if that happened here in Southeast Missouri? Do you think we Americans could be as positive and hard working as the Japanese? You know, I'm not sure that we could.

Since we've all seen the devastation photos, I wanted to share some photos I found of life and prayer. Not only are the Japanese very disciplined in their work, but also in their religion. Do you think we would see Americans lined up praying for each other after an event like this?

Japanese soldiers pray over a tsunami victim.

The CEO of one of the nuclear plants that caused thousands to evacuate, offers apologies and prayer to evacuees. When is the last time you saw and American CEO of any company offer apologies to anyone in person, not over some news statement??

Young girls give elderly ladies back massages in a rescue shelter.

These people waited patiently for over 12 hours to purchase gasoline. 12 hours!!

Earthquake/Tsunami victims orderly distribute supplies to each other. 

Even in the midst of disaster, victims practice regular stretching and exercise in the shelters. I don't think I would be disciplined enough to exercise if I was living in a shelter and my home had just been destroyed.

A volunteer gives a 2 month old a bath in a shelter. So sweet!

Prayer. Prayer is the only thing that could get a person through a time like this. I just hope that if something like this were to ever happen to us, we would know to turn to Christ first.  

Please continue to pray for Japan.

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  1. Great post Les. I agree with you, I don't think people here in the U.S. have the discipline or the patience like those in Japan. I mean just look at New Orleans. People stole just because they could. I haven't read any reports of looting in Japan. I think a lot of it is the way they are raised over there. They respect each other and they take care of their fellow man. I don't see that here. I go out of my way to be nice to other people and I think it's a rarity in the U.S. to be like that. People here are too wrapped up in the day to day to stop and see how their actions affect everyone else. The thing that touches me the most is how they take care of the elderly. I struggle to keep my spirits high about taking care of my grandmother. I know I lose my patience with her and I know I shouldn't. We all need to take a few lessons from the Japanese.