Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Life to Old Stuff: Shredded Paper

When you give a gift, the presentation of the gift is part of the actual gift, am I right? In other words, nobody gives gifts to others wrapped in Wal-Mart sacks (unless you're a guy, then maybe you can get away with it). I don't think I'm alone in that I like to wrap my gifts in nice paper, or put them in a chic bag with tissue paper. All that wrapping paper and accessories can get expensive! While I'm still pretty attached to high end wrapping paper, I've found a recycled option for tissue paper (that's actually a heck of a lot cuter than actual tissue paper) to use for gift bags.

What you're looking at is shredded magazines/office documents that we use at my office to cushion delicate packages. There's literally tons of this stuff at my office that we throw away every day! I'm going to re-purpose the shreds as tissue paper and stick them in gift bags. I'm also going to use the shreds as Easter grass for JD's basket this year! Since there's so many colors going on in the shreds, for gift bag options I'll probably go with neutral brown, black, or white bags. No need for a fancy design.

Here's another cute project I found in Country Living Magazine. Use the shreds to make a cute little Easter Nest! I adapted the original instructions a bit because their way seemed a little confusing to me.

Step 1: Find an old plastic bowl that you don't mind turning into a nest to use for the project. In another bowl, mix equal parts

Step 2: Dip handfuls of shredded paper into the glue mixture, then immediately lay them on the bowl until it's covered.

Step 3: Lightly press dry paper strips onto the outside of the bowl to create a "nesty" look.

Step 4: Let dry for 12 hours and ta da! Cute little Easter nest for your eggs!

Have any other ideas for shredded paper? I've got tons of this stuff!


  1. Wow, again Leslie, I'm dumbfounded about your blogs! I want to get started writing one of my does one begin? Love you, Dad

  2. Just go to Blogspot, and click create a blog. It's pretty easy! Use your gmail email address to start. Pick a blog name that will be your website address, then choose a background, and start writing. Call me sometime and I can talk you through it over the phone if you'd like.

  3. By the way - mix equal parts of what?

  4. I like the shredded paper nest for the Easter eggs! It really does look like a bird’s nest! It’s perfect that I found this project because Easter’s coming soon! I can’t wait to make one for the kids. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Ruby Badcoe