Monday, March 28, 2011

Sanity Saving Monday Tip: Take your own advice.

I have been running ragged the past two weeks. Between play practice, getting the rental house move-in ready, training for the half marathon, and my new volunteer project I've seriously over-extended myself the entire month of March. As a result of my obsessive compulsive need to always be busy and involved, I've been putting some things that are more important to the back burner.

Yesterday at church was Impact Sunday. It was a special service intended for us (the regular attenders) to bring in our friends in need of salvation. When Pastor first announced that we were going to have this service last month, I made a list of friends to call and invite. I knew not all of the people on the list would come, but I thought at least I could get one friend to come with me. I prayed over the list that first week and then stuck it in my purse, with a mental note to "get on it."

Then, March hit. We found renters for the house, I got a call from Love INC for a service project, I made the play for River City Players, and I upped my miles per week to 15. None of these things, as admirable as they might be, are an excuse for NOT SHARING THE GOSPEL!! As you're probably thinking about now, I didn't call a single person on my list. I found it yesterday before church, crumpled up in a ball in the bottom of my purse.

Throughout the service yesterday, I was literally shaking. I can't believe how bad I've messed up this month. I've been so focused on "Me" and "Projects" that I neglected to do something that is so vital to my very existence. As a Christian, we are COMMANDED to share Christ's message with others. There is no excuse for not doing that. Yes, it can be hard, and sometimes embarrassing to bring Christ up in conversation with others. I'll be the first to admit that I don't do it as often as I should.

What is this blog about anyway? What have I always said is most important? Following Christ. I've blogged before about including Christ in my day, every day, and how it's essential to work your day around your prayer time. If I had taken my own advice, I would have been praying for those people on my list, and I would have remembered to call them and invite them to the service.

My Monday Tip, take your own advice. If you say you're going to live a certain way, LIVE IT. If you make a promise to yourself or to someone else, FULFILL IT. There is no excuse. Just do it.

The service yesterday was amazing. I'm only sorry that I wasn't able to share it with someone important to me.

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