Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness.

I have the best extended family ever.

Just a few moments after I arrived home from work my Dad-in-law Perry and Lil bro-in-law Donald pulled into the driveway with a truck load of wood.

"We're here to build you a sidewalk." Perry said.

And so, they did. Just like that.

They worked on our new "sidewalk" for about three hours. John patiently watched as they hammered and drilled a brand new front walk-way. I still can't believe that I have an actual front porch now. No more jumping across pave stones to make it through the mud!

This is what our path leading up to the front door looked like about four hours ago. On a rainy day, you can imagine the muddy mess we track into the house!

First, the guys put the porch together in the driveway.

John was a good helper.

Then they moved the porch over to where it's supposed to go.

Last step! Attaching the boards to the frame.

Ta Da! No more walking through the mud for us!

Thanks again Perry and Donald. Love you guys.

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  1. I'm so jealous! My in-laws are all white collar workers. Haha. The new porch looks great!