Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting away...

I'm ready for a me-cation. I'm not talking about a family get-a-way here either people. Just me and the wagon. Heading out. Maybe take a little road trip to Gulf Shores. It's not that far and I kind of remember how to get there. I could leave tonight and be back by Monday.....

I'm not really going, but sometimes I like to imagine going on a vacation by myself. Is that really wrong?

I snapped this yesterday on my way to work. This guy knows what it's all about. Just him and his mini truck with a ginormous canoe.

If you were to go away for the weekend alone, where would you go?

I always think it sounds so nice to go away on my own, but in reality I'd probably have more fun with my family.

I mean, look at this guy! Who wouldn't want to take him on vacation??


  1. Wow Les...What a wonderful treat to read your blog! You truly are a heckuva writer....wonder where you came by such a talent? How is my wonderful grandson today? Would you hug him up from his papaw? Please let me know how I can read some of your previous blogs??? Love you the whole world! Dad

  2. Hi Dad! I'm sure I get my writing skills from you :) On the far right side of the blog, you can click on previous posts or months if you'd like to read more! Love you!