Friday, August 5, 2011

Fashion Friday: That 70's Girl.

I've always been inspired by the 1960's-1970's. My parents were around my age during that time and I especially love reading about the war and political changes that were going on then.....I know not everyone likes to read about war but that's kind of a closet obsession of mine haha. So shhh don't tell anyone.

I'm also inspired by the fashion trends of that era. One of my favorite fashion icon's ever is Donna from That 70's Show. Her outfits always rocked.

Photo from here.
Donna's high waisted flares and Jackie's Floral dress are amazing. I mean, who wouldn't love to dress like that all the time? That free spirited, feminine yet "take charge" type of style. Love love love it.

We're going to the Arts Council tonight for the First Friday of the month show. I'm going to channel my inner Donna and Jackie and wear this:

High-waisted flares, tall wedge sandals, and a floral hippie shirt. I could wear this outfit everyday!
Do you find yourself "flashing back" to a certain era when you get dressed? Or do you prefer to stay in the present?

Happy Friday, Everyone. Enjoy your weekend.

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