Monday, August 29, 2011

You might be having a bad week if....

It's Monday. At an attempt to bring some humor and relief to my otherwise bad week I are some "You might be a Redneck having a bad week if" jokes that are actually true. You know how they say, behind every joke is a hint of truth? Well, these are all true. No hinting around here, folks. These things actually happened to me.

You might be having a bad week if...

Your spill your coffee not once, but twice in one sitting.

You make a vow to eat healthier this week and then have Pretzel M&M's for breakfast.

You try to give your two year old son a kiss and he replies "No!" and smacks you in the face with a very larger and rock-hard cowboy hat.

You find out that your husband secretly hates the one fashion trend you've been dying to try out.....Leopard Print Heels. Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

You realize that tuition is due at school TODAY and that you forgot your wallet AT HOME. Nice one, Les.

You spill about 2 gallons of water.....INSIDE your refrigerator. Don't ask, for the love of pete, please don't ask.

And last but not least; You might be having a bad week if your puppy gets run over. Geez. That just plain sucks, huh?

Don't worry, everyone. I've gotten all my tears out and have just chalked it up to be "a part of life."

If we didn't go through crappy stuff, we wouldn't be the adapting, growing, wiser individual we need to be. Correct?

If you're having "One of those weeks" and you start to freak out because it's only Monday.....just take a second and relax. Don't freak out over things you have no control over.

Be happy, my friends. Tuesday is a new day.

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  1. Love you Les! At least it was water and not blue poweraid. I spilled 2 gallons of blue poweraid on the inside AND outside of my fridge. It was sticky for WEEKS. Love you! Hope the rest of your week gets better.