Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"I can do anything you can do---better."

"I can do anything...better than you!"

Remember that little song from back in the day? While I'm not a fan of patting myself on the back, I do like to try to do something myself first before I ask for help. That being said I ALWAYS seek the help of professionals when dealing with things I care the dry cleaners for my silk items and a local jewelry store for my jewelry repairs and cleanings. Last year a jewelry store which will remain anonymous charged me $50 smackers to re-string a necklace--after shelling out that kind of cash I vowed to try to repair my jewelry on my own first.

This necklace is one of my FAVORITES. I love it. The colors the length everything. I've had it for about four years so when the thin rope holding the beads together started to break, I knew I needed to re-string it. Never done this before, folks! But how hard could it be, right?

The necklace before its makeover.

See where the string is breaking in some areas?

This is the thread I bought. Thought it was 30% off, got up to the register and this particular brand wasn't included in the sale. Bummer.

First, I cut the old necklace up and laid all the beads out in a pattern across my desk.

Then, I just re-tied the clasp to my new string and started stringing the beads. Easy peasy.

Tadah!! Now I have a new necklace.....for only $6.99! Take that, over-priced jewelry repair shop!

While I may not have repaired this "better" than the jewelry store could, it's certainly the less expensive option!

What have you tried to "repair" yourself recently?

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