Thursday, August 4, 2011

Local Lovins.

FRIENDS! I'm so excited because today is the Cape Farmer's Market! I've got my re-usable tote, my cash, my sunglasses, and my shopping list ready. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE (and I'm writing this in all capital letters because I'm trying to emphasize how important this is to me---please take the hint!) you to shop local. Your tummy and your heart will thank you.

Shopping local is not only great for your community, but healthy for your family. There's just something extra special about biting into a fresh, home-grown tomato.

Photo from Cape Farmer's Market Facebook page.

The Farmer's Market in Cape is every Thursday from 2:30-6pm in the Galleria Parking Lot. (You know, the old ice skating rink?) They'll be there until November 17th! Wowza!

One of the items I'll be buying today will be a bouquet of these lovely Sunflowers.

Sunflowers will be sold today at the Market by the Laughing Stock Farm.

Check out this video on how yummy lettuce is prepared from Farm to Market. Just another reason why I shop local---seeing the hard work of someone in my community benefit others.

Check out the Laughing Stock Farmstead Blog for more info!

I'll check in with you later tonight with a couple of recipes made from market fresh ingredients. Happy Thursday everyone! Hope to see you this afternoon!

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