Thursday, August 25, 2011

"My Job Sucks" and other things you really shouldn't say to the universe.

Raise your hand if you hate your job.

Now raise your hand if you were too embarrassed to raise your hand before but still hate your job.

Ok, Good. Now raise your hand if you have ever had a job that sucked but now are truly doing something you love.

I estimate that pretty much everyone falls into one of the three categories above.

Probably college/highschool students who work at Taco Bell fall into category 1. (Taco Bell is just an example, and I'm not implying that everyone at Taco Bell hates their job. Someone who works there has to love it, or else they wouldn't still be in business.) Anyway, category 1 folks hate their job and aren't afraid to admit it because, honestly, they know and their boss knows that they'll eventually quit and go onto something they love.

The people who slide into category 2 are a little more reserved. There are recent college grads, middle aged folks, and senior citizens who are all reluctant to tell anyone that they hate their job but secretly do. They are basically just working for a paycheck. Or benefits. Or both. They work because they have to, not because it's their DREAM JOB or because they grew up knowing that they would someday be doing this specific profession. They have a family to provide for, and are humbly working so that their loved ones can have a great life.

And then there's category 3. Those few select individuals who are blessed enough to be doing a job that makes them want to get out of bed in the morning. It's a job that makes them truly happy. THE job of a lifetime. What more can I say? These people are so happy they make me a little sick, or jealous, or both.

Now, I'm not going to tell you which category I fall into, I'll let you speculate on that one.

I'm writing this for those category 1 and 2 folks. Those friends who are still fantasizing about their dream job that may or may not ever actually happen.

The point is, God has us where we are for a reason. We are working for a greater purpose, not for our own. If we are constantly complaining about our job and about what we're doing here on this earth, do you think that's fulfilling God's purpose? Or being in any way a loving, joy-filled, Christ-like example? What about your co-workers who don't know is you being in a crappy mood going to lead them to the Lord?

I'm right there, friends. I'm the one with the ugly frown on my face, reluctantly doing things on a daily basis because I have to.

But everyone has those days where they are tired. They just want to give up and quit and move to a remote island and harvest coffee beans all day.........What? You don't have that fantasy? It may not be farming or moving to a remote island but you have a fantasy of your own. That "dream job" fantasy. Take heart, my friends. God is not going to leave you hangin'. You may not see the point of it all currently, but God's going to use you where you are, right here and now.

Here's a little song to encourage you, because it encouraged me. Yes, it's Steven Curtis Chapman, and yes it's a little cheesy. But hey, he's like THE contemporary Christian music Godfather so show him some r-e-s-p-e-c-t. Listen to the actual words of the song, because they will make you feel better about where you are and why you're doing-what-you're-doing.

Don't just work; love. Have a great day, everyone.


  1. You next blog post should have a video for "The Great Adventure."


  2. Haha Tyler. Hey that's a classic!!