Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After the Holiday's......

For the past two weeks my slogan has been "after the holidays I'll (insert something I'm too busy to do here)."

I have used this line for activities that I don't want to do AT ALL, and also for things I really DO want to do but can't possibly fit it into my schedule right now, such as dates with friends and fun crafty stuff.

Thus, my "after the Holiday time" AKA right now has become busy.

Lesson learned: Don't put things off, procrastination nation. Just Do It, Get 'R Done and the like.

Here's what I wore back to the daily grind Monday. I was too full from my Christmas food to put on pants and too cold to wear a dress, so this wool skirt = perfect warmth and comfort.

Flannel: Target. Wool Skirt: J.Crew. Tights: Target. Wedge Booties: Christmas present, from Macy's.
And here's my inspiration, AKA the model from J.Crew wearing the exact same skirt as me. Haha.

I love how this look is casual yet refined. Even though this skirt is 100% wool I can wear it without tights in the Spring. Score!

For 20% off of all SALE items, use code MUSTSHOP at J.Crew until TODAY. Did anyone else get gift cards like me? I'm loving all the after-Christmas sales right now!


  1. I've been using the same slogan, girl. Except first it was "After Christmas..." and now it's "After the new year..." #gottagetmotivated :)

  2. Ha, I have been the same way... After Christmas I'll relax, workout, clean, etc...none have happened yet.