Thursday, December 1, 2011

Have Yourself an Eco-Little Christmas.

This Christmas, I'm making a commitment to buying either vintage, handmade, or made in the USA only gifts for my family--it's tougher than you might think! Just trying to do my part in supporting local businesses and our entire country. Our first step towards an eco-friendly holiday: buying a potted Christmas tree.

Including the pot, our tree stands about 9 feet tall! Good thing we have high ceilings!
Our tree came from Franke's Nursery in Jackson, which is one of the only places in the area where you can buy an entire Christmas tree--roots and all! (They don't have a website, but you can call them at 573-243-2782 for more info) For an extra $25, Franke's Nursery dug up a tree and potted it, so we can re-plant the tree in the yard after the Christmas season. Doesn't get much greener than that, folks! Why cut down a tree that will just be thrown out and wasted at the end of the season? This tree will hopefully transfer easily to our land and love its new home on our four acres. We've even named the tree after our favorite holiday character: Clark Griswold.

While decorating the tree, I decided to debut my new sparkly top from Talbots. I told you a few weeks ago that our local Talbots store is going out of business. I hate to see a store close, but I love the deals they have right now. This top was originally (gulp!) $189.00. I scored it for $44.00!!! Wowza!!

We don't have any Christmas Party plans made yet, so if I'm going to get any use whatsoever out of this top, I'll have to wear it to everyday events. You know, like doing the dishes and grocery shopping. Ha.

To decorate the tree I pulled my hair up on top of my head, threw on some skinny's and my leopard Sperry's. Comfy and chic! For a night out, I would trade my Sperry's for dainty heels and add some earrings. I'd still keep my hair up so as to keep the top the main focus.

Tonight I'm headed to an Holiday Open House at the Boathouse in Cape. There will be gently used designer handbags, HOW? Jewelry and more for sale! All proceeds will benefit our local Children's Home and the HOW? Jewelry designers in Kenya, Africa. The event is from 4-8pm tonight, and I'll probably be there around 6:00. Do you think I should wear the sparkly top? I'm still trying to decide. Hope to see you there!


  1. Um... I think we should totally plan a Christmas party. Just sayin. :)

  2. I'm thinking about having an ugly Christmas sweater party! We should host it together! That would be SO much fun! Not to mention it would give us a good reason to go to Goodwill and ALA! You better put that sparkly top on for tonight sister! It's too cute not to wear out to the shindig tonight! Miss your face!