Friday, December 9, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside.

Happy Friday Everyone! I've got a fun weekend planned including Christmas shopping and the Ladies Dessert Banquet Saturday evening. Free Saturday night? Come with me! OR babysit my little man because I'm still looking for a sitter hehe.

This outfit is great for shopping and errands. My boots are nice and cozy and if I get too hot in the stores I can always shed my cardigan. My blue silk shirt (J.Crew) is a bit oversized so I cinched it in with a belt.

Some of you may have seen this pics on Facebook last night, but I can't stop looking at them, they're so darn cute! This year I'm wrapping all my gifts with the pages of old magazines, like my J.Crew catalogue. I always hate throwing out J.Crew because the catalogue is always so's a way to give it a few extra miles!

A small gift for the Hubs.

And this one's for Aunt Beth! :) I absolutely love the plaid bow! It was leftover from an old gift.

Got any fun ways to re-purpose or recycle this holiday season?
As you know, I don't usually post over the weekend, but check back Sunday Morning.....I have a surprise announcement!! Have a good weekend! xoxo


  1. You're adorable! And so are your gifts! I LOVE gift-wrapping! I am kind-of a freak about keeping/recycling old gift bags, tissue paper, bows, boxes, ribbons, etc. My family makes fun of me, but I almost never have to buy any new! I also love wrapping with newspaper, or using it as tissue paper. And sometimes I stamp/draw/paint on tissue paper or plain brown gift bags to make them more festive/personal.

  2. Love the magazine/catalog idea. The bows are adorable too!

  3. Great idea Ashley! I just bought some stamps at a yard sale so I might have to bust them out!

    And thanks Jess! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Your boots are adorable! And I love the idea of wrapping gifts in old magazines! I have a ton of magazines and the pictures might take attention away from my horrible wrapping skills haha.


  5. Thanks Melissa! I just stalked your blog--love it! You even have a post titled "Baby, It's Cold Outside" too! Great minds think alike :)

  6. I looked all over for old catalogs this weekend and found nothing. I may have to use a Cosmo or two to re-create this idea. Love it.

  7. leopard! love this combo with the chambray. i hope you have a great weekend and stop by sometime!