Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A day in the life of Carmela Soprano.

If you've never seen an episode of The Sopranos....don't worry, you'll still understand what I'm about to say. But seriously you should probably watch at least one episode in your lifetime. It's epic.

We have watched every episode of The Sopranos, probably most episodes more than once. Yes, it's a pretty raunchy show, but that's what the fast forward button is for, to get through the raunchy parts. I digress.

A lot of serious big wig TV folks say that The Sopranos is one of the greatest television shows of all time. All hit TV shows have one thing in common: a relate-able cast. I would argue that every person on the planet can relate to at least one character on The Sopranos, and my favorite character persona would be Carmela Soprano, the wife of the mob boss and star of the show Tony Soprano.

Actress Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano.

No, I'm not the wife of a mob boss. I don't get my nails done every other day, I don't drive a new Mercedes every year, and I don't fantasize about young Italian Guido's; but in a way, I'm a lot like Carmela.

Shirt: Gift. Skinny's: Target. Kitten Heels: Target. Gold Cuff: Gift. Timex Watch: Gift

Carmela is 100% devoted to everything she puts her mind to. She takes care of her home, she makes sure there's dinner on the table, her kids homework is done, and that her husband is happy. And did I mention that Carmela is like the queen of home entertainment? Wanna have a dinner party? Ask Carmela to host it for you, otherwise it will suck. Seriously she's awesome. (I could use some help in the hostess department, but I'm learning!)

This outfit is a tribute to Carmela. See all the gold accents? There's little gold filigree buttons on my shirt, I'm wearing a gold cuff and a blingy gold chain. Just like Carmela the Italian Mob Queen would. What you don't see in this picture is even more like Carmela than what I'm wearing: There's a delicious homemade lasagna in the oven behind me.

You may not know this, but there is in fact a real-life Carmela in my life, Daniel's grandmother, Carmela Hazelwood. Yes, she's Italian, and yes, she's a bad ass. She'll speak her mind, kiss your forehead and cook you whatever your heart desires. She's a great woman, and I love her very much. The shirt I'm wearing once belonged to her, and she passed it on to me. I love that it reminds me of both her and Carmela Soprano. They're both amazing women who deserve respect. Thanks for the shirt Grandma Carmela!

Oh and p.s......if I ever have a baby girl someday, her name will be Carmela. Don't try to steal my baby name, ok?


  1. Love the top. My dad is also obsessed with The Sopranos...

  2. " I would argue that every person on the planet can relate to at least one character."

    That must be the dumbest thing I have ever read! Identify with what? Grossly obese people? Murdering sociopaths? Foul mouthed louts? Rapists, women beaters,screwed up kids, child abusers, racketeers, uncultured pygmies, misanthropists, alcoholics and much more.

    If The Sopranos are a glimpse into one aspect of American culture then it is clear you are all on the road to hell. Likewise all those who think it is great need to get a check up on their value system. To glamorise such trash says everything.

    Finally, you cannot not make a sweeping statement about 'every person on the planet' because you can not assume that every person shares your cultural and aesthetic values. Maybe you should check out what the tribesmen of the Kalahari or the dwellers of the Amazon villages think who have never watched t.v. let alone been in contact with the Soprano trash.


  3. Forgot! Doh!

    Have a great New Year and get America on a diet or get me a really, really wide screen t.v.