Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ladies Night.

There's just something extra wonderful about having a quiet dinner with a special friend---kid free. There's more time to talk about what's going on in our heads when you're not constantly telling a two year old to stop throwing their food, drawing on the table, or trying to eat the artificial sugar packets.

This outfit is perfect for a night with the girls--just a little bit of cuteness with the butterflies and a little bit rock and roll with the fur vest. And I always take the opportunity to wear heels when I'm not with the little man, mostly because flats are my go-to shoe otherwise.
Hair in a pony tail? Yes please. No need to go the extra mile hair wise when you're with the gals. They understand that freshly washed hair is usually reserved for a night with the hubs. Best part about this sweet top is the sleeves; Check out the cut-outs!

Funny story from Ladies Night: We almost walked out of Olive Garden because it was way too crowded and loud. The manager followed us out the door and asked if we'd give them another shot, and showed us to a more private booth where the noise level wasn't an issue. He was super nice about everything, and then to top it off, he gave us free dessert! Score! Moral of the story; Sometimes it pays to be high maintenence.


  1. Where did you get the fur vest? Cute!

  2. Thanks Jess! I picked it up at AE on mega sale!