Saturday, December 31, 2011

copy cat NYE attire + a bit of man repeller.

I died a little inside when I realized my planned NYE attire MIGHT not be delivered in time. So I called up Ruche and said "Listen here, customer service lady! Send my dress ASAP!"

Well actually, that's not how it happened. Because when you want something, the best way to get that something is to be kind about it. So I really said "Oh dear! Is there any way we can possibly get my package expedited? I want to wear this dress on NYE!"

When Friday the 30th came around and my dress still hadn't arrived, I panicked. Obviously being nice didn't work.

Then, a sign from the Heavens: A few days ago the Man Repeller posted her planned New Year's Eve outfit, and made an interesting point. I'm willing to bet that 99.9% of women in the downtown vicinity of Cape Girardeau will be sporting outfits with either A. Sparkle, B. Short Hemlines, or C. All of the Above. There's nothing wrong with those things, but I'm not one to blend in.

I contemplated wearing my own sequined harem pants on NYE.

They're vintage, and a little bit ridiculous....but I love them. And after seeing what the Man Repeller planned to wear on NYE, I really wanted to wear them.

Then, on Saturday, December 31st, a mere 5 hours before our planned NYE celebration, my dress arrived. And my husband, bless his heart, breathed a sigh of relief that I wouldn't be wearing M.C.Hammer pants in public. (not tonight, anyway!)

My dress is the exact same dress in this photo, and I'm pretty much copying this look completely. Because I love it and it's adorable. Thanks for the inspiration Ruche!

Pinecrest Lane Chiffon Dress, $36.99 MADE IN THE USA! Score!

I still want to be ME, so here's my choice for NYE attire. A little bit of yours truly mixed in with my Ruche inspiration:

Yes, this vintage blazer has its original shoulder pads. And no, I'm not cutting them out. Watch out sparkle queens, here I come!

We're starting off the NYE with a family dinner (little man included!) and then after dropping the kiddo off at mom's we'll head to the River View Room at Buckner's for a little holiday shin-dig some friends of ours are having. Sunday morning we'll wake up and head to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Pass the black eyed peas, please!

How are you spending NYE? What are you wearing? I encourage you to be yourself and wear something that feels both beautiful and you.

See you in 2012!


  1. Glad your dress arrived in time. I need to be prepping for NYE currently. I am wearing one shoulder green dress from lulus with some peep toe booties and gold accessories. Yay!

  2. Such a cute dress!!! My boyfriend and I are cooking a delicious meal and staying in our pjs tonight with a bottle of wine, so no fancy NYE duds for me this year. Have fun tonight!


  3. Hope you guys had a great NYE!