Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Artist Story + A Giveaway.

Happy Thursday friends! I'm at home today with a sick little guy who told me his "neck hurt" this morning so uh oh.....we're watching Toy Story and decorating Christmas cookies. Sometimes being a Mom is rough ;)

Thank you to everyone who entered yesterday's giveaway from Dr. Julia Kinder! CONGRATS TO KATIE ROTH! You are the winner of the Bib Flashcard Set! CONGRATS TO MANDIE FOLTZ! You are the winner of the Exercise Flashcards! Ladies, please email me your addresses so I can mail your prizes!

I am blessed and honored to bring you today's giveaway. A sensational local artist and friend has created an ORIGINAL PAINTING that he has graciously offered to giveaway to ONE LUCKY LTBL READER! I loved getting to know Josh Reeves, owner of jreevesart a little better through this interview, and I know you will too.

Les: Hi Josh! Tell us a little bit about you and your family.

Amanda and Josh Reeves.
Josh: Well, I just got married last March to my beautiful wife Amanda. She is awesome and fuels a lot of the drive I have for my work. We have two very enthusiastic Border Collies, Heidi and Kai. Everyone asks so I figure I'll tell you, we named her Kai after a favorite sushi restaurant in Springfield, MO. Hahaha we love our sushi. I graduated from SEMO in December of 2010. I worked at Starbucks right out of school to have a steady paycheck while I tried to land a salary job as a graphic artist. After looking for six months, I realized that in this economy not many businesses were hiring entry level positions in graphic design, or any art forms for that matter. It was tough because I knew that I needed to be doing something within the field I see myself pursuing for the rest of my life. I then decided to take the big leap. In August of this year I decided to quit my job and move into working as a freelance artist full time. I had been doing freelance projects here and there since I was in high school, so I had enough experience to feel comfortable with the task at hand. Currently I'm creating commission projects in both painting and graphic design. Readers can find my work at my website, or check out my facebook page.

Les: I think it's awesome that you are pursuing your dream. Where does your inspiration come from to create your art?

One of Josh's paintings entitled "What They've Always Told You."

Josh: Oh, I'm glad you asked this one. I love music. No, seriously. I looove music. I would say that the art of music single handily influences my work more than any other factor. I love the emotion music can evoke out of not only lyrics but through instrumentation. Directly, many of my fans can see musical influence in my work by the titles I come up with. If a painting of mine has a musical title it's usually because some part of that song has a similar deep underlying meaning that my painting holds as well. This is also a great question because being an "abstract" artist many people wonder what my work is about. Outside of the philosophy and/or story that every single one of my paintings has, I love aesthetics. Sorry to nerd out on you for a bit, but I love how aesthetics are scientifically defined as "the study of sensory or sensori-emotional values, sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste". In abstract art I am challenged and obsessed with creating marks that relay a meaning emotionally, which is not an easy task. Many people read into styles differently which is what makes the beauty of art.

Original piece by Josh Reeves entitled "Armistice."

Les:Why do you think it is important for folks to support local artists in their community?

Josh: I think it is vital for people to support their local community and arts. To me it's more of an awakening. You can find many much more creative things around local talent than in chains. The best part is, when customers support local arts, they are getting something original. Originality is at an all-time high in demand right now and in my opinion will only increase. When I look to buy music, decor, food, etc. I want something different and original. I want it to be unique to me. I think something is more valuable when you know someone is creating and working hard for their piece of art. I hope that more people in our community can find what the gifts of the local arts in their community can bring to life.


Les:The purpose of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is to support local businesses and artists. Just for fun, where is your favorite local place to shop?

Josh: I can't just pick one place! That's crazy. So here's a list of some local arts you need to check out if you haven't already. I love this because now I feel like Anthony Bourdain from the Travel Channel. He's my hero by the way...

Reruns (my wife finds hidden treasures there)

The Tarnished Buckle (she likes this place too)

Pilot House (please get the sandwich called, The Tank)

Cup n' Cork (gotta have coffee and wine)

James Thurman (my favorite local artist:

Mollie's (grab a cocktail at happy hour)

Billiards (I love playing pool)

Oh and I forgot. I am a chicken wing enthusiast! When you are at Pilot House getting that sandwich order their wings. Best in town and best I have had anywhere.


It was so great catching up with Josh, and I'm excited to announce that he is giving away a diptych (two canvases). Each canvas is 16x20, and when you put the two pieces together the way Josh painted them, that's 40(width) x 16(height)!! Wowza!

To win this amazing giveaway, simply head over and "LIKE" jreevesart on Facebook and tell Josh that Life Told By Leslie sent you! If you already "LIKE" jreevesart on Facebook, don't forget to write on the wall letting me know you're entered to win! You'll have 24 hours on this one folks, so good luck! And thanks for showing a local artist some love!


  1. Yay! I'm so excited!! :) Just what i need to get me ready for my wedding!