Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Chistmas Wish List

I've been making a Christmas list every year since I was a kid. Instead of mailing my list to Santa, (seriously though, where do all those Santa letters end up??) here's a run down for you guys on what I'm currently craving. My family and my in-laws are all getting me gift cards (I believe!) so hopefully these little babies will be mine after the holidays (or like the 26th of December)!

1. A new Dooney Bag

Ok so I'm busting out the biggest gift at the beginning of my list. I have one D&B purse, that I carry EVERY day, that I've had for 5 years now! It a beautiful yellow hobo and I love it so much, but I am dying for a new one in this camel color. I'm not particularly picky on the style, it just has to be a hobo shape (one strap only) and in this color. This one from QVC is cute with the little tassels, don't you think??

2. A lesson in the art of silk blouse shopping.

Where are all the vintage silk blouses for under $30?? This adorable option from J.Crew is on mega sale, aka $50 smackers which is still too rich for my blood. I love silk....I want some silk tops. But I want them to be special, vintage, and affordable. Where are all the other silk tops you ask? In thrift stores and antique shops. So, as a gift to me, please text me when you come across an affordable option. I'll love you forever.

3. A pair of black flats---WITH ARCH SUPPORT PLEASE!

This pair of Sperry's is nice because it's real leather, has arch support, and has a reinforced rubber heel in the back so my "driving foot" doesn't wear out the heel of the shoe. I'm not a huge fan of the patent leather toe, so I'm still on the hunt for that perfect pair.

4. Printed Leggings.

I'm kind of obsessed with crazy printed pants. I wouldn't wear these with heels like the model though, I'd wear them with moccasins and an oversized sweater. Hmmm cozy!

5. A new cookie sheet.

Boring, I know. But my only cookie sheet is all burnt and crusty. I hate crusty.

6. A variety of tiny Potted Succulents.

These are from etsy! Delivered right to my door for around $25, you get a variety of 9 different succulents in 2 inch pots. I would transfer these babies to old coffee cups and sit them in my sewing table window.

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  1. I want some succulents! Those are so cute! I've been looking at getting some for a long time! And an aloe plant!