Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Black Dress Pants: Part 1

Black pants are pretty essential to the working woman's wardrobe.

Say that five times fast...working woman's wardrobe working woman's wardrobe working woman's wardrobe.....anyways......

Every woman has a pair of black "dress pants" as I like to call them. They work for interviews, business meetings, church, fancy dinners, etc etc.

I for one don't necessarily like black dress pants. They're a tad boring if you ask me, but I know I need them none the less. So I have two pairs. One slim-leg pair, and one trouser-leg pair. They're great for those mornings that you know you can't wear jeans, you're tired of skirts or dresses, and you're a bit out of other options. So I wear them. There are ways to make black dress pants a little less boring! Today I'm wearing my slim leg pair of black dress pants. These pants work best when worn with flats, which are also essential to a working woman's wardrobe.

Flats are from Target. Don't worry, ugly office carpet not included.

One way to make black dress pants less boring is to spice up the shoe. Don't go with just plain black! My leopard flats fit the bill here. Also, mixing prints can be a bit intimidating, but give it a try. Mix small prints with another small print in the same color family. My top has a small black print that compliments the black in my pants and the leopard shoes.

The mornings are getting pretty chilly, so I throw on a blazer, but NOT in black. I don't want to be too "suit like." My tan blazer goes great with the shoes too!

What do you think about black pants? Do you like wearing them, or do you think they're kinda boring? Would you ever mix prints like I did?

Next time I'll show you how to style my black trouser (wide leg) dress pants. Have a good Wednesday!


  1. I have a great pair of grey trouser-style dress pants that I wear ten times more often than my black ones... Maybe it's because grey is just enough difference to make it less "boring" or "severe"?

  2. What colors do you like to wear with your grey dress pants? I have a pair and I'm always stumped at what color goes good with them besides black.

  3. Sorry to be so behind in replying! I wear a lot of stuff with my grey pants. Yesterday I wore them with a jewel-tone pink sweater and complementary scarf. Yellow and grey look great, and I have several blue patterned tops that go really well with grey... I guess as long as they're cool tones I find it acceptable? The Limited has some great ideas in their online look book here:

  4. Hey thanks for the link, those are some great ideas! I have a jewel-tone pink sweater that I'll try with my grey pants soon, thanks for the inspiration!