Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's all the fur about?

I might be a tad obsessed. With a vest. Obsessed with a vest.

I know I usually talk about food on Tuesdays, but I haven't really cooked anything this week, nor do I plan to. My hubs is away and so that means mostly salads for me and chicken nuggets for John. On paper plates. In front of the TV. Yes, we're taking it easy this week. I'm not stressing about my upcoming trip, work stuff, school stuff, or any other "stuff" that could come up. Just playing board games and building Lego towers with my little guy. Life is good.

If you had your heart set on a recipe, I'm sorry. But I will tell you the ABSOLUTE BEST CHEESE EVER is Provel Cheese, especially the Imo's Brand. It's very popular in St. Louis (where Imo's Pizza originated) and not only is amazing on pizza but also salads as well! This cheese will be on my salad tonight! It's available at Schnucks in Cape.

Even though I'm not going out much this week, I have been sporting my furry vest to the office and to outside meetings. The weather has been simply amazing lately, but I still need an extra layer to keep the wind chill out.

What's all the fur/fuss about anyway? :) I'm just taking it easy and being myself this week. Getting things accomplished and relaxing at the same time.

How's your week going? Are you taking time to relax and take care of yourself?

Here's a little challenge for you: Today, even if it's only for 10 minutes; don't do anything. Take a break, put your feet up, and breathe. Thank the Lord for this 65 degree weather, and be blessed. And eat some provel cheese. Trust me you'll love it!

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