Thursday, November 10, 2011

An OOB Sale and Meet My Guest Bloggers!

*My little vacation is approaching! I can't wait to spend some quality alone time with Daniel. I don't think I'll do much shopping on our trip, (because we're going to be staying in some pretty remote places! I'm excited!) so I've been doing a little browsing (and admittedly buying) before I leave.

A store that I have just recently started to shop at is now going Out Of Business! (or OOB as we say in the wine industry) The Talbots located here in Cape is closing! They are a higher-end women's clothing boutique and I usually can't afford things in there, but I do own a pair of skinny leg cordoroys that I just happened to score there on a sale. I talked with the store manager (she's gutted that their closing, naturally) and she says as of now they're going to be open until mid January. Since they just announced they're closing, right now EVERYTHING in the store, including new merchandise, is marked 25% off. The manager said that in the coming weeks and closer to Christmas items will be up to 90% off!! I browsed a bit yesterday and found my skinny legged cords on sale, making them around $40 right now, a real steal!

Look at all the beautiful colors! I have the rust color there on the left, but I'm kind of wanting that dark green color in the middle--cute for Christmas pictures don't you think?? These cords don't fit like granny pants either, they're a mid-rise style with a slim leg. I love my pair!

Talbots also has some genuine leather ballet flats on sale....look at these cuties!

These are marked down to $40 as well. So if you're looking for some deals, might want to check Talbots before everything's gone!

I also want to announce who will be guest blogging for me while I'm on vacation! These five friends who have agreed to blog for me are all wonderful people that I just know you're going to love. They all come from different backgrounds and most of them don't even know each other, so it will be neat to see how it all comes together!

Here's what you can expect while I'm gone:

Monday: Emmy, friend from RCP and fellow blogger

Tuesday: Aaron,(Yes, a dude! Can't wait to read this!) neighor and good buddy

Wednesday: Kate,college roomy and long-time close friend

Thursday: Emily W.,SEMO Bloggers Co-Founder, close friend

Friday: Robyn, fairly new friend from church

I can't wait to hear from all of them! Hopefully they will be posting updates to my Facebook wall, but rememeber you can always access my site by going to instead of just through links on Facebook.

Tomorrow I'll show you a sneak peak inside my suitcase and hopefully a little goodbye video from John!

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