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Guest Blogger: Emily W. 11/17

I'm so blessed to have today's Guest Blogger! Emily Williams is not only the co-founder of SEMO Bloggers, she is also the person who helped make what Life Told By Leslie is today. She designs blogs on the side, and works as a graphic designer in for a company by day. Emily and I have become really close this past year because we have so much in common. We're both bloggers and young moms, we both work full time and go to school, and we both have "side jobs" haha! Emily is outgoing, smart, talented, and loving. She's an inspiration to me and I love this gal! Visit Emily on her Blog and say hello!

Hey everyone! Sorry this is posted so late in the afternoon! I am so happy to be able to have the opportunity to share with you all my recent splurge. I recently bought myself a year subscription to BirchBox! What is BirchBox? Well let me just tell you if you are anything like me, it will seriously save you LOTS of money when it comes to beauty products. I am a beauty product fanatic! I love getting new fingernail polish, new eye makeup, new hair products, new lotion, THE WORKS! I think it spurs from when I was little and watching my Grandma B put her makeup on before church. I loved watching her put on her lipstick and eye makeup. It seriously fascinated me. Anyway, back to BirchBox. Every month you get this cute little box sent right to your door step FULL of sample beauty products. This is perfect for any girl on a budget because it lets you try high end beauty products without having to spend the big bucks to get it. I hate getting a full size lip gloss and take it home to find out I absolutely hate it. It is such a bummer. Well, this month happened to by my first month and lucky for me it had NEW lip gloss in it! I'm so happy to be able to share my first Box Opening with you all! Here is what the neat little box looked like!

I had no idea what to expect but I knew it was going to be good either way!
Here is what I got in my BirchBox this month. 

kate spade new york twirl parfume

This stuff seriously smells delicious! I can only use one spritz at a time though. It lasts a LONG time and it's smell is really strong. In a good way! BirchBox's description: kate spade new york’s charming designs are meant to be playful, feminine, and joyful — the same goes for the brand’s signature scent. Attention-getting without being overpowering, Twirl is an incredibly versatile fragrance. The fruity floral is as suitable for the office as it is for a cocktail party. And just like everything else in the kate spade new york universe, Twirl makes you feel instantly more pulled together and ladylike.

jouer lip enhancer lip gloss

I am in love with this lip gloss. It goes on super smooth and it does give you a little plump without the tingle/burn that the other lip plumpers have. It's a clear gloss so it goes on over any color without smudges or smears. It so popular right now that on BirchBox's website they have it completely back ordered. People are seriously going nuts over this gloss! BirchBox's description: When we discovered Jouer, this miraculous balm is the first product we fell in love with - and our affair is going strong. It’s no surprise that we always have a tube of this on hand: it’s deeply moisturizing, smells amazing, and delivers the prettiest hint of sheer pink color. The best part? It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and boosts your lips naturally without that annoying tingly sensation found in so many other plumpers.

thymes body lotion in both eucalyptus and rose

The rose lotion smells heavenly and it goes on super silky. The eucalyptus has more of an old lady smell to it but it's definitely a good on the go lotion to throw in your bag if need be. I live for body lotion. I put it on all the time because 1) I have super dry skin in the winter and 2) most of my friends growing up were African American and they taught me the importance of not having ashy elbows or knees. BirchBox's description: This rich, fragrant lotion is the equivalent of a silk body glove. Packed with shea butter, antioxidant-rich vitamin E, and nourishing botanical extracts, we love layering this on over clean skin for long-lasting moisture. Beyond just how great it makes us feel, we’re also fanatical about the memorable scents, which literally linger for hours.  

zoya gems nail polish in twila

Don't you just love this color?! I'm usually really bad about painting my nails because I'm not patient enough to let them dry before I do anything and they always wind up getting smudges. This nail polish dries super fast which is great for me. BirchBox's description: Get festive with this fun nail polish, part of Zoya’s Gems and Jewels holiday 2011 collection. The sheer glitter glazes can be worn alone or layered over other shades to make your nails really pop.  Twila is an ocean blue.


Alex and Isabelle classic hair tie

I have to be honest here and say that I seriously almost threw this thing away because I thought it was a bow that fell off of something. Once I actually picked it back up and played with it (and read the card that came with the package that describes everything) I realized it's a really cute/cool hair tie! It was kind of tied funny when I first got it so I untied it and retied it in a square knot. Here is what BirchBox had to say about it: We’ve never met a hair accessory we didn’t like, but these colorful elastics really steal the show. They make for snag-free ponytails and buns that stay put all day. And since we can’t choose our favorite color, we love how they come in assorted bundles of six. 

I hope you all have enjoyed my first BirchBox Opening! If you have any questions about BirchBox or any of the other features that come with it please feel free to message me on my blog!

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