Monday, November 7, 2011

A Lesson in Layering and Airport Security.

As you know I'm taking a little trip soon, but I haven't been on a plane in FOREVER, and I've NEVER been on a plane when it's cold out. I am not checking a bag, just bringing my trusty carry-on; so I need to pack light. The key to fitting more into my suitcase is by wearing my bulkiest layers on the plane to save room for the rest of my clothes. I'm going to be doing a lot of layering here, so stay with me! :)

Step 1: The Baselayer.
I'll be wearing my coziest, comfiest tunic sweater and jeggings. I'm also wearing flats that are easy to walk in and slip off at airport security. I've pinned back my bangs so they don't get in my way, and I'm wearing the rest of my hair in a low, loose pony tail that's on the side so I won't hurt my head when I lean back in my seat.

Step 2: The Jacket.
This is the only jacket I'm bringing on the trip. I cinched in the waist with a southwestern style belt so it doesn't look too bulky.

Step 3: The Vest,
This vest is a must for my trip. It's versatile and will add some warmth to the rest of my layers. Can't you see it with a funky top for a night out in Wyoming??

Step 4: Hat, Scarf, and Mittens.
Finally, I add all my cold weather accessories and tah dah! I'm ready for my flight! I can remove any item at any time and add them to my carry on. I personally want to be bundled up for my layover in Denver, and then to my final destination--Seattle!

Tell me, how do you dress for the airport? Do you like to layer up?

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  1. I'm actually very anti-layer when I fly (which is about 2-3 times a year since my parents live 16 hours away). I hate having to take off a bunch of stuff at security--it really flusters me because I feel rushed to put it all back on after it comes out from that x-ray area. I also steer away from the layers because any bulkiness when you're actually sitting down in that seat on the plane is, in my opinion, really uncomfortable. In winter, I usually minimize where I can. Once I get to the airport I stuff any hats/scarves/etc into my purse or carry-on. I only wear a coat and then a normal winter outfit underneath(sweater w/a cami, cardigan w/a tank, etc). I am pro-flats, though. Now...try traveling with Christmas presents!